The Menace of Campus Prostitution in Moi University

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By Alfred Obara

The Kenyan society is fast drifting towards social backwardness. The idea about morality in Kenya is fast losing its essence; as results of the failure of a value system that propelled the people to contribute and provide a framework for societal regeneration.

The level of moral bankruptcy in Kenya today, calls for sober reflection and urgent attentions to sustain the growing societal drifting into the abyss of confusion and chaos.

Early this year, Citizen TV featured a documentary about students in Moi university doing business in the hostel like selling mandazi and other kinds of stuff due to poverty. It did not feature sex workers who have no time to cook mandazis but would rather only sell their own bodies for less than ten shillings.


Though the activity is rampantly accepted as a willing seller willing buyer kind of scenario, it kind of derails the moral structures our very ancestors put intact to help guide future generations when it comes to the game of procreation.


Cynthia* (not her real name), a second-year student at Moi University explains to this writer how she has been engaged in the business of prostitution due to poverty for several months.

She says sometimes they charge as low as 50 shillings for a specific period of time and anyone with only 100 shillings can have any of them stay in there place for half a day. To have any of them overnight, people are forced to cough out 350 shillings.

“Hii kitu iko tu haipotei” Cynthia reiterates when the writer tries to convince her to quit the horrible and inhuman job.

Prostitution activities may be the result of many abortion cases at Moi University. The institution has had students in the past hit streets to demonstrate against high instances of abortion within hostels.

Moi is not in this singly, two years ago, students at the University of Nairobi shared in one of the local dailies how they were making a kill in the prostitution business with some going as far as having mansions.

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  1. Lol…so You(who ever wrote this) got something to write…mmh not bad..but why only Moi…Is Moi the only university in this nation.?!

    I’m not denying nor accepting the said above info but please,as bonifide comrade would like to express my discontent..

    I’m out!

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