The Question: Do Most Female Students In Campus Smoke More Than The Men?


Exit the gentle general, Rest in peace to the Gentlemen.

This is the second edition of #TheQuestion, many thanks for the warm reception last week. They did not only bring the bible to East Africa, they did not only come with colonization, the Europeans also introduced smoking and facilitated its consumption and spread across the African continents. Back in Europe, tobacco was mostly used in rituals, but then Africans have picked up smoking, from the villages straight into towns and offices, its all about smoke ,smoke and smoke. Mostly affected in this ‘Smoke generation’ are campus students. Recent observations however shows that the ladies are more affected than the men, but what exactly drives ladies to puff up more smoke in the air than Men mostly during their campus years?

Take the case at Egerton university, Njoro campus, months ago when the junior common room was still operational, I got used to seeing this lady doing her thing at some corner among the men who I am made to understand are strong addicts. When most men smoke for fun,on the flip-side the females are said to be smoking mostly when  under stress. According to a study done in the united kingdom 56% of men and 48% of women smoke the most cigarettes while socializing with friends, the study also shows that smoking is mostly a preserve for the men in the society.

In the current Kenyan campus, men who smoke are considered tough and in control of situations, some men on the other hand consider smoking as cool and the perfect way to “Kata Kiu” at the end of a long day or before they set out for the lectures. There  is still however negative perceptions of their female counterparts who are affable smokers, ladies who cant stop chocking and straining their lungs. Most ladies who smoke in campus are those considered most beautiful. Most of them though do not smoke in the open like the men do. Majority smoke in parties mostly in groups, a close friend of mine last week sent me a text message wondering if truly what she was staring right in-front of her was real, some Egerton ladies have turned to be chimneies!!!

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The problem of drug abuse is something that should be faced head on from both sides of gender. With the women and your girls in campus embracing Cigarette, nicotine. It is the responsibility of the national government, the county government, the church and the various organizations to spread the message of drug free society, but then the final actors in all this process are the people affected.

So on the question we ask. Do Female Students Smoke More than the Men In Campus? Hit us up on twitter @MagazineReel and @KoyoOdongo or make your thoughts on the comment box below.



We Are Hiring!! Writer


  1. Am kind of confused on this,some ladies do ,some do not but on the question Koyo am 50-50 ,anyway ,a very good story

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