#ThisManKoyo: One on One Interview with the Most Talented Egerton University Student

Koyo Egerton University

As always, on Thursdays the man who shoots ladies up from hips to toes, head to finger nails and from the bone marrow to the bone edge usually speaks to students across each and every campus. He is supported by many men whom he claims have been mistreated over the years by their ladies, he is in equal measure loathed by ladies whom he bashes everyday in his voluminous columns. It is also important to note that he has since been silenced by Agedian ladies and do not speak nor write no more of their escapades.

Today will not be as usual, though Koyo will be doing what he does best, talking, we wont let him talk as he wants. Neither will we allow him bash people, he will be spitting the truth from all corners but only about him and his thoughts. Keep your gadget to your your palm, your data on and hear from the horse’s mouth. Fred Oginga puts Koyo Odongo on Magazine Reel’s hot seat interview.

Fred Oginga: Briefly tell us about yourself

Koyo: My name is Caleb Koyo, Mr Retrosexual, bananaboy, Mr 254 ,Mtafutaji, Bonge la handsome and God’s best option. Yeah! depending on where we meet and what business we are doing, you can call me either of the above. Am a true Kenyan and a lover of Words.

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Fred Oginga: How did you discover you have a writing talent?

Koyo: This was back at Homabay primary school in class seven. I was that kid with the grammar and all the newspapers up to class eight. The best in composition always,oh! I used to score 45/50 in compositiion same as One Jerome Onyango hehe.That is were it all started.

Fred Oginga: Tell us what writing is all about?

Koyo: I write about what you go through, what you dont want to hear mostly. There are news across campuses, you are used to them, I give all of it a different angle and make them biting

Fred Oginga: Why do you write?

Koyo: To keep our history going, to inspire generations and to speak out.

FredOginga: ‘The Retrosexual’, how did you come up with it?

Koyo: Hahaha,about three years ago,I got myself into too much Silas Nyanchwani on his column The Retrosexual on Nairobian. Man! ,I loved how he was bashing ladies and speaking his mind, also around that time I was going through a lot love-wise. I looked at myself and the people around me and decided to start the Retrosexual corner, where we speak up our mind on ladies and real issues we are facing, judge us or leave us. We are here to tell you what you don’t want to hear about yourself. We are not here to make you comfortable.

Fred Oginga: What are your achievements under this column so far?

Koyo: The column is the most read in Kenya as at now and am glad,people identify me with it immediately. It is the main reason I have been able to close marketing deals for clients and events. I have eaten and slept well and above all, I have had an offering to take back to God.

Fred Oginga: Your show ‘Vegas Tempo’, first of all, how did you end on radio?

Koyo: I wanted to do radio from the first day I joined college (Yeah,am a student). I woke up and went to the studio when I was in first year just to see, I was granted that chance and watched how a radio show is conducted. I disappeared for a year and garnered the numbers then went back to ask for my own show. Like you know, Vegas Tempo is one of the best shows on Egerton Radio at the moment and the best weekend radio show in Nakuru. I thank God.

Fred Oginga: Briefly describe how your life has been since you joined campus, How do you juggle between the many duties and attending classes?

Koyo: My life, am judged a lot by people, called names but at the end of the day when you judge me you are paying my bills. I work with pressure, that has helped me balance class and the streets, am one kind of guy who can never be scared of anything.

Fred Oginga: You seem to be more into sharing realities on jobs, employment and education in Kenya, why?

Koyo: Because students in colleges are not told the truth, they must create those jobs ,education is not the key to success, get to college and get the right friends, your good grades are nothing in the real world, be creative and ready to loose some sleep.

Fred Oginga: Tell us about your Online show +254 Live.

Koyo: Well,+254 Live is an online show that was created by me. We do videos and get them running online. We are trying to inspire by getting the positive stories from the Kenyan youth, i work with Moses Irungu who shoots and edits the clips under COELIB Media,so far we have one episode out ,the next is coming in a few hours.

Fred Oginga: Who inspires you and who do you envy as far as writing and media is concerned?

Koyo: Myself and the fact that i still lack, I envy Jerome Onyango, one of Africa’s best creative minds, started writing together but he slowed down, I still look at his post on Facebook daily. He is my type of writer.

Fred Oginga: People say that some of your stories and tag line in MR tend to be a cut and paste work, do you develop the ideas behind your writing independently or you often base your arguments as with regards to what you read in someone’s column?

Koyo: That is not the only thing people say about me. Am just too good that they can’t keep their eyes of me. Am the best and that’s why am the one people look at. Truth is, my content is much more bigger than what you see in papers and some cheap blogs around who steal my content and publish to earn ratings. When you read my columns, they are basically whats going on in my mind and eyes. If you don’t know my personality you just have to read my stories. Am that real ,open and good. My life is an open book though.

Fred Oginga: According to you, what is a perfect recipe that will ensure that a university student comes out successful after graduation?.

Koyo: Creativity,Creativity And Skill. Get out of the library and walk these streets,you will be scared of graduating if you don’t have the above.

Fred Oginga: There is this article which suggests that fresh graduates should spend less in holding parties and that they should not go back home immediately after the graduation ceremony, Do you agree? Why?

Koyo: Only fools party after graduation. What do you party for? Graduate and get back to your work ,there is nothing you are going to do at home.Your parents homestead is not yours.

Fred Oginga: Your fans and MR readers, what should they expect different as from next year?

Koyo: My readers should expect more of me. I know they want more and am going to give them that. This year has been good and they should expect lost of surprises, controversies and a big announcement at the start of the year.

Fred Oginga: Before we wind up, we realize that your work comes with a lot of fame especially in campus, how do you go about this?

Koyo: True. Its difficult, people look at you when you walk around and I get scared, but I thank God am the most open guy around, I handle that professionally .

Fred Oginga: Last, among writers in MR, whom do you envy, why?

Koyo: Caleb. Man! that guy writes and ensures I understand immediately. If he must use names on his stories then they must be real names behind real stories. He is the writer I want to be.

Fred Oginga: 3 Important tips that you would want to give budding writers?

Koyo: To all writers, the main point in writing is to communicate and be understood immediately. Don’t punish your readers by taking them to Google search engine or dictionary when they are reading your stories. Writing pays, you just have to package yourself and be attractive.

Fred Oginga: That’s a bombshell brother! I want you to let the cat out of the bag, are you dating and if yes, who is the lucky one.

Koyo: Hehe, am not sure of this man. Let me say am seeing the most beautiful lady in the world. Am seeing Miss Kenya.

Well, now you know that this man is daring! No one can tame his writing thirst, not even those who try to arm twist him. Keep the conversation going on Twitter @MagazineReel. And we ask, what do you hate or like about #ThisManKoyo .



We Are Hiring!! Writer

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