TO ALL FRESHERS: The FOUR Kinds Of Campus Ladies to Avoid Like A Plague


By Hillary Ojiambo.

Ask any high school boy what they know about campus and you will get an immediate and almost automated response: The Campus Ladies. Out there, campus ladies have the reputation of being spotlessly beautiful, exquisitely created and species which at times one may think to be creatures out of this world but to campus men, this image of perfection has been tarnished by a dangerous kind of girls. A lethal species that is now keeping men on toes and as we are going to see, campus men are on the look out to avoid such for when they cling on you, you will wish that you never landed to a Kenyan campus.

The Movie Hunters Association
This is the first breed campus men are always on the look out to avoid. They normally walk in packs of either two or three while vehemently talking about the latest series as they furiously hunt for laptops and movies. What makes them lethal is the fact that they neither own a laptop nor a flash disk but wait until they land on you and discover that you don’t have, “ How to know a player season 10” that’s when you will realize how useless your laptop can be. Campus men are on the look out to avoid such species like plague.

Miss Independent
Campus ladiesThese ladies in Kenyan campus are another kind campus men try to avoid at all costs. This are the ulterior ladies with their own money, they are beautiful and they know it. They can afford anything they want in campus and they don’t a boy nagging them- they know what they want and go for it no matter what it takes. Campus men avoid this breed since they are hard to manipulate, almost impossible to control will see you at their own violation. Dating such a lady in campus is a nightmare for many men in campus as these ladies don’t conform to any rule except their own. So which campus man will be comfortable in a relationship whereby he is just but a mere follower?

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The Church-holics

They are closely related to the Miss Independent kind of ladies. These is the breed of ladies who know nothing but the church. They always have fellowships to attend, Bible Study discussions to lead and prayers to offer. They tend to judge and evaluate things on the continuum scale of spirituality and campus men, especially the “Team Mafisi Sacco” find it hard to embrace such as your lines (mistari) will be judged on its level of spirituality which many fail to achieve.

The Silent Killers
Now, the nightmare of campus dudes are the hypnotic Silent Killers. This are the ladies who never complain or raise eye brows no matter what you do to them. They will catch you cheating on them and will not even ask about it.

They will see you with another girl in a suggestive position and will not even bother to complain about it and you can ignore them for the next three months and when you meet them, they will only smile and say: “It’s Ok.” Campus dudes are always cautious of such for they are the kinds who will nyerify you in a second and walk away as if they just kicked a stick on the way.

This is not all. We have not looked at the librarians- those who spend all of their times in the library as if they are doing a research on rocket science leave alone the ‘Miss Know It All’ who claim to always know everything. They will speak of the girl next door who has a boyfriend abroad, whisper of the guy in third floor who always sleep in a certain room in a female hostel and even know of a classmate who dates a lecturer. Men in campus avoid this at all costs for they are the easiest shortcut to the grave.

Have you seen such characters in your campus? From Moi University we have exposed them and now it’s up to you to check your backs and avoid them for when they cling on you, they stick like a second skin.



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