Towards a Drug Free Campus: KU Alcohol & Drugs Abuse(ADA) Prevention Campaign Week

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KU officially launched the alcohol & drug abuse campaign week last Tuesday 16th of this month.The event themed ‘I choose life, I reject alcohol & drug abuse ‘went down at the science complex  hall 2 from 2pm to 4pm.The chief guest was the NACADA Chairman Hon.John Mututho.

The event organised by the University managenent in partnership with NACADA and Kenyatta University Students Association aimed at sensitizing comrades on the dangers of alcohol and drugs abuse.

In his speech Hon.Mututho revealed schocking statistics of 2.56 million as the number of alcohol and drug addicts in the nation.

The NACADA boss urged students to stay clear of abuse of drugs pointing out effects of drugs abuse.He cited the case of Hon.Kabando wa Kabando ‘s brother killing the mother under the influence of drugs.He further mentioned that his office will not relent in the fight against drugs and alcohol.

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After the Tuesday’s session followed Thursday’s(18th) and Friday ‘s (19th) sessions that were held at the Business and Students Services Centre.

During these sessions students got to listen to talks from different speakers. This included legal experts from NACADA and a constable from Kiamumbi (km) police post .The latter and the former took students through  various Acts regulating the consumption of alcohol and drugs and the legal woes that would befall anyone upon contravening the Acts.Some of the Acts include :-
The alcoholic drinks control act and the Tobacco control Regulations 2014.

Alcohol and drugs abuse are a menace to the society. Their effects affect not only an addict but also the people around them.Students were advised to visit the KU wellness centre just incase they are battling drugs and need someone to hold their hand.This was a good move by the University to not only transform individuals into academic gurus but also mould them into morally upright individuals.



We Are Hiring!! Writer

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