TUK Students Urge Lecturers to Intensify Strike and Stay Away from Lecture Halls

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Technical university of Kenya students association has urged lecturers to intensify demonstrations across the country and ensure that the government agrees to their demands. Led by their chairperson Brian Reeves, the students have expressed their discomfort with the way their own lecturers have been participating in the said strike. Through a notice, Reeves claims that some of the lecturers have been in their comfort zones even as others were fighting it out with the government on the streets.

“With great concern as a union, we would like to remind our lecturers under UASU TUK Chapter and every person relevant to the dons go slow that battles are fought on the streets, rights are met on the streets and resolutions are met at the table”, the memo from the SATUK chairperson’s office reads in part.

“It is a pity that in this uncertainties, we the students are the most affected. We hereby send a wakeup call to UASU TUK chapter to reinvent itself and marshal its generals to the streets; to fight and demand for their rights”, the memo continues to note.

The students said that lecturers should not be left to roam around the campuses and enjoy all the other privileges yet they are on strike. Obare said that lecturers who staying away from the streets should be blamed for the length of time the strike has taken.


“As long as lecturers keep roaming around campuses enjoying free shelter in offices and parking spaces in the university premises, this stalemate is likely to go on for a longer period than the anticipated”, Reeves said.


The students also told the lecturers that their continued laxity will not be taken lightly. They advised lecturers to keep off campus premises by today and head to the streets. The memo threatened that students will force lecturers to attend lectures if they fail to go to the streets as advised. Brian Reeves also promised that students will join the strike if the lecturers show dedication towards what they want.

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