Twisted Tuesday:Ladies,The Road To Fame Does Not Lie In Your Posterior


Its Tuesday and so its twisted Tuesday here on Magazine Reel,Kenya’s best online campus news site,this is the most useless column I have had but then what comes from it shapes opinions,provokes feelings,makes many bite their lower lips ,its reaction.Its been long in here but today we are back on the 1st of March to march on.Most of us are on social media,that is Instagram,Facebook,twitter,telegram,snapchat and the devil”WhatsApp”we have seen ladies posing for pictures ,from their pictures its evident that all they want seen is their posterior.We are speaking about that today on Twisted Tuesday.

Female posterior has became celebrity,it became  something almost all the ladies considered beauty after the emergence of Vera Sidika,the highly flying socialite who uses that to pay her bills by appearing at events and videos for various musicians across the globe,lately she is on on a TV programme on K24 ,because of her achievements from her behind,the current lady will try as much as possible to put on that body hugging micro mini skirt and stand in some weird manner in-front of the camera just to show the world that does not even care about her what she got.They are all over Instagram and Facebook on Monday with captions like ‘Mrembo crush Monday -MCM’ ‘Another Vera Sidika in town’ ‘Beautiful and I know’. I celebrate them men because we play it cool,we don’t crush  on each other, I have never seen a man post a picture with a caption “Handsome me’ and also we give them the likes they want on Facebook and Instagram because “We all know bulls are dangerous ” These ladies can make noise and make the  streets unbearable for most of us.

I though it would be wise if these ladies realized that there are things that stand more important in their lives than the posterior,for example,how about you just put a plastic smile on that picture and post it on social media,that will put a smile on some Kenyan somewhere who has never smiled for the last few house.Its true that these ladies have the “Maddona” attitude,they don’t like the fact that men have the freedom of choice,they then want to act like our mothers.That’s why even if we say we don’t like to see your cleavage open,even if we say you should dress down and cover every-part of your body,even if we say that we don’t appreciate the dress that draws you as you are.You will still refuse and say that “We like it,only that we don’t want to say”

That’s twisted Tuesday today.Do not get it twisted.Share your views on the comment box and on twitter @KoyoOdongo and @MagazineReel

We Are Hiring!! Writer




We Are Hiring!! Writer


  1. Who is the main consumer of panoramic, technicolor female posteriors? Is it not men? So just shut up and enjoy the sights.

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