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Writers get inspiration from different sources. Some take coffee, others read a blog or a book, while some go into seclusion just to get that much needed motivation to write. For me, I take a walk. I can write as long as I want after taking a walk to wherever I happen to get my inspiration from. Egerton university is well endowed with places to take a walk to – Botanic Garden being one of them until it became dangerous. Typical campus weekends couldn’t be complete without my presence at the garden of love, merry and regrets or posterity.

Whatever inspires your writing is not my interest right now. Whether you wait till everybody sleeps before you switch on your laptop to write is non of my business. In fact, a friend of mine, a Coder by profession, tells me he drives his inspiration from the serenity of the night. I consider him mad because he wakes up at midnight to code! That’s the time I start dream for your info. Anyway, life is the way you approach it. Isn’t it?

Typical campus weekends starts either on Thursday or Friday depending on one’s course and the collaboration with their lecturer. It’s fueled by the number of personal cars that enter the Egerton gate headed towards the Tatton and CBD area. Evans Kirui of the Sugar Mummy fame knows well what those personal cars house. If you are somebody who loves taking walks, you will notice that these vehicles will pass you with only one person inside on their way into the campus and leave with several people – mostly ladies jostled or otherwise together in the rear.

For those who remain on campus due to some action in Kilimo have enough reasons to. Among them include those who have never kissed in public and the euphoria that Kilimo begets is enough public for them to try their new kissing antics. In fact, campus weekends never end without students exchanging saliva in the Kilimo Hall toilets. Others go deep into each others panties before the night ends. That’s campus for you.

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Campus WeekendsSaturday is usually deserted around the hostels. Uncles and Aunts who do not appear in the official family lineage are enjoying the company of the campus damsels and lads. For the poor boyfriends who by the “I’m going to my Uncle” lines will be seen doting the Campus Kitchenettes with phone in hand throughout the weekend hoping to get the “please come pick me beb” text or call. Poor men! Those who were at Kilimo Hall the previous night are nursing everything ranging from handovers through regrets to the thoughts of getting pregnant or worse still contracting that STD.

The Religious gatherings around Campus and regional or professional bashes over the weekend coupled with the games at the Pavilion help the guys remaining on Campus cope with the weekend boredom.

I was recently doing my rounds on Campus over the weekend – Sunday evening to be specific – with friends when a sleek car passed by and stopped just beside Uganda Hostels. We were sure that it was neither a parent nor a brother to the girl who alighted from it. At least judging from the way she bid her acquaintance bye. It wasn’t a brotherly bye but a romantic one.

Campus weekends are opportunities for our campus girls to get out and explore. It’s the time for some of our campus dudes to ‘graze in new fields’ as they put it. As soon as the dude sees his girl off to wherever, he makes a call to his girl in whatever campus to come over for the weekend. While the girl goes out to her ‘Uncle’, her campus sweetheart is playing ‘Uncle’ to another girl from ‘abroad’.

Home and away sexual matches are played on campus during the weekend. Campus weekends are not complete without ‘exiles’. Bend-overs at Kilimo used to mark the climax of a beautiful campus weekend until somebody invented the Chemistry Block external staircase. Now lads and damsels line up on these staircase at night doing what only God knows what. The lighting around the area providing the much needed ‘free romantic ambiance’ to the expeditions of would-be professionals. At least for those who can’t afford exiling their roommates, this is their place to exploit their romantic sides.

When all is said and done, Campus weekends come to an abrupt and unwanted end on Monday with that 7:00am class for the unlucky lot. A date for the next weekend is set and life goes on!



We Are Hiring!! Writer


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