Uhuru Appoints Ruto As Acting President

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President Uhuru Kenyatta has said that he will appoint William Ruto as Acting President for the duration he will be attending his case at the International Criminal Court ICC.


The President made the the improptu announcement during an address to a special session of Parliament on Monday the 6th 2014 .This he did after he had met Kenya’s top security organ on the same Monday morning, before he moved to meet Cabinet secretaries in the afternoon.


President Kenyatta is yet to make known his final decision on the summons issued by ICC judges last week, but his defence team has already at The Hague.  Kenyans have so far received the news in great sigh of relief. Most have applauded the presidents move as selfless and cauragious.

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The ICC issue has been the matter of discussion over the past one month. This follows the fact that both the President and Deputy stay as co accused at the Netherland based court. The president is awaited to board his flight later on to attend a status conference ahead of the actual proceedings.













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