UNIVERSITY OF ELDORET: Cleanness Conducted For Over a Week


As it is always said, cleanliness is next to Godliness. The phrase has been applied in UoE , it is evident by the university providing contracts to various people to clean the whole university. The surroundings of the hostels within the school have been cleaned. The big grasses growing near the walls of the old hostels have been slashed and now the place looks beautiful.

On visiting the one and only Lovington ladies hostels, one can easily note the changes that have since taken place in the area. Reptiles had been spotted in those areas in the recent past  snake-found-at-uon-main-campus-female-hall-12-hostel  and this makes one of the reasons why the place really needed some proper slashing. The students residing within the Lovington hostels, however thank the administration for the clearance as it has chased the various fears of sitting down on those big grasses outside their hostels.

Actually the whole university environment is now conducive for studying whether for revision, discussion or waiting for a c a t in the afternoon. All university learning perimeters either in front of the forestry building, in front of the library, behind the administration, beside the CBD hostels, behind the school dispensary, in the newly constructed sites, and much more the place has been made a learning conducive environment, the whole place has been cleared of the big grasses.

Cases had been raised earlier on how the university sanitation department was sleeping on their job. The community surrounding the university was grateful for being given the chance to benefit from their one and only best campus within their county.

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Everyone would like to live in an environment that well suits his/her life form. Whether a student, a lecturer or any other staff within the campus one would like to operate under clean environment and surrounding. Thanks to the university of Eldoret sanitation docket in support of the administration in the step they took to give the institution the needed picture of a national university.

Always keep UoE clean.



We Are Hiring!! Writer

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