University of Eldoret Holds a Peaceful Demonstration Over Fee Issues

university of eldoret

The University of Eldoret students held a peaceful demonstration today to raise concerns over the issue of fee. The students led by some of the student leaders gathered in front of the Administration building by 9.00 am.

The demonstration was allegedly planned by the circulation of the messages the day before the exact date. The demonstration  took place though with a low student participation.

The main reason that caused the demonstration is the alleged payment of higher fee amount as compared to other universities countrywide as stated by many students from different faculties in the university.

The students needed the vice chancellor Prof Akenga, to explain the reason for the higher payment as compared to the fee for same faculties in the other universities across the nation.

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Of other concern was the need for the explanation of the amount allocated for field trips that often are not there. As it is indicated in the fees structure of the students taking science courses and the environmental studies that every semester the fee for field trips is indicated but many at times students don’t go for field trips.

Citing a fee structure of the school of Natural Resource Management, it is indicated that students are supposed to pay an amount of sh.6000 every semester till fourth year for field trips. This means students have to go for at least one field trip every semester. Magazine Reel met a fourth year student from this school and he explained that they have only managed to go for 2 field trips from first year. From this lie many questions to be put across. Other faculties also have their concerns over fees.

The students decided to meet the vice chancellor in the need to get the explanations over the same issue if at all she was willing. The students’ body has raised issues before over the same but no action has ever been registered. What they needed is the restructuring of the fee structure to include and make them able to participate and get exam cards during examination time. No one would like to miss exam because of not paying full fee. That was their main concern



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