University of Eldoret Student Robbed in His Unconscious State

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A first year University of  Eldoret was robbed on saturday while running errands in Eldoret town.The student is reported to have returned to his hostel in the evening with nothing as opposed to how he had left in the morning. His friends said that he was dropped of at his hostel in Sogomo area Kitengela Residence by a motor cycle from towm. On arrival  he looked dizzy, confused and not in the moods.

His bag had contained a laptop, school IDs, national ID, ATM card and some other documents inside the bag. The university security department assisted the student in writing statement and was referred to Kapsoya for interrogation on  Monday morning.

On meeting and questioning the student stated that he could not recall what exactly happened, he just remembered two things. 1. Meeting with a high school friend and  2. Later alighting on a boda boda at the doorstep of his hostel. He has tried to call the high school friend but the guy stated that he never saw any laptop while they were together.

Eldoret town, where the student is alleged to have been robbed
Eldoret town, where the student is alleged to have been robbed

Comrades especially the first years should take this as a lesson, our dear brothers and sisters should put these few things in mind;

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Never trust anybody you do not know well in campus. Many will act as friends but are up to no  good. Always choose friends you truly trust . Meeting someone in a class does not mean that the person has all the qualifications for you to put your trust in them.

Do not place your items in an open place. Many people often pass by your surroundings to check for what can be of use to them. One may pass near your door to check if you own a laptop or any material that can fetch good money out there. Be warned keep your items private.

Never eat or drink anything in a place you do not feel safe . Put more emphasis on this one. Those you consider your friends can drug you and after losing consciousness they can easily steal your belongings be it money, laptop phone or anything else.

Always take into account the three conditions above before taking any further step.



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