University of Eldoret Students Set to Report back for New Semester


It is that time one checks on the school portal after relaxing at home for some 4 days relieving the mind and what appears on the dashboard are the following opening dates.
Groups to be on session:
All first years

All second years except TED, HSM and BHO groups.

All these groups on session opens on 3rd May for their 2014/2015 academic sessions.

The lectures are therefore to kick off from 4th May to 31st July 2015, making a total of 13 weeks of lecture.

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The examination period will start on August 3rd 2015 to August 14th this year; thus a total of 2weeks exam period.

Third year students set to go for workshop practice and industrial attachments starts their practice on 4th May to 28th August.

Therefore the above are important dates as far as next semester is concerned.

All the students and moreso the first year students are advised to report on the exact date to secure themselves hostels as the online booking of hostels is not yet well established. This will see the first years occupying the famously known CBD area hostels.

All second years have also to report on time to avoid last minute rush that was witnessed on the previous semester that occured on what transpired in the institution.

However the second year students who just left the campus compound 4 days ago are expected to return on the same day as the first years. From a view of the previous semesters most students have often been witnessed extending their short holidays for atleast some few more days at home to relax their minds and come back to campus afresh.

As soon as the lectures start students are expected to stream in on full swing in readiness for the semester work ahead of them.

All the best for the group going for attachments and industrial practice.



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