UoN Evaluates 6 Colleges on Their Performance

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The University of Nairobi Performance Contract Secretariat is evaluating colleges on their performance for the year 2014/2015.

The team led by Leonard Musyoka, is this week reviewing six colleges’ performance based on the signed performance contract for the financial year.

Key in the evaluation exercise for the Performance Contract Year 2014/2015 is service delivery. The colleges are expected to give exemplary service to the people of Kenya, more so students, suppliers, partners and the general public. Customer satisfaction is high priority and key recommendations from the 2013/2014 customer satisfaction survey are to be implemented in full to ensure that University of Nairobi clients are a happy lot. evaluating

The colleges are also evaluated on their financial performance over the last one year.  The utilization of allocated funds and their ability to generate funds through appropriation-in-aid is also under the radar even as the University is working on improving its financial health via Open and Distance Learning Mode and having virtual students who will be learning online.

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 The colleges are not left behind as far as adoption of technology is concerned as they have embraced payments of workers by Mpesa and sending SMS alerts to students and lecturers via Bulk SMS. This was the case in Kikuyu Campus. Biometric login is working in various University campuses and student to computer ratio is coming down as well and virtually all staff is computer literate.

Other performance contract indicators that the colleges delivered on include: repairs and maintenance, compliance with statutory obligations and reserving of 30% worth of tenders to the entrepreneurs in the special groups of Youth, Women and Persons with Disabilities.

To enable the University to remain as a world class centre of excellence, the colleges are working on having excellent working environment for staff.

Peter Muturi, the Public Relations Manager and Peter Busienei, Deputy Finance General are part of the Performance Contract secretariat.



We Are Hiring!! Writer

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