“UON Student Leaders Went To Bed With The Government Over HELB Bill” JKUAT’S Jomo Erick


Jomo Kenyatta University Students Organization (JKUSO) President Erick Jomo has condemned the ongoing corruption in the youths enterprise development fund. The fund has lost Sh180.9 million in two months.

While appearing on KTN News today morning, Jomo indicated that he was disappointed that the little amount of money meant to uplift the life of poor youths is going to the pockets of the rich people.

Commenting on the HELB issue, Erick Jomo noted that he was sad at how students are being treated. He indicated that the government allocated little amount of money to HELB and that little amount money does not come in time. Some students are forced to discontinue their studies due to delay of HELB loan.
Jomo also noted that he was saddened by the the president’s refusal to approve the HELB bill that could benefit students. He said that they were going to call for a national strike. He also expressed his anger over how some of university of Nairobi students and student leaders have handled the whole HELB issue.

He posted “Why did university of Nairobi which is used to protests not demonstrate when the president declined the HELB bill? They have been compromised by the government and now they are quiet. They only call for demos when it benefits them.”

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  1. The politics of chuka is taking another step as fresh bloods into the versity politic makes every student feel that this is the messiah they have been waiting..? I can’t justify this maybe fellow comrades can tell me this.Ken waringa jnr is not leaving any stone unturned #CUSA president

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