US Based Ribbeck Law Firm Files Case Seeking Huge Compensation for Families of Boieng Aircraft Crash Victims


A law firm in the United States has filed fourty cases against Boeing, the company which operates the 737 Max 8 aircrafts. The reknowned law firm Ribbeck Law Chartered together with Global Aviation Law Group and Igeria and Ngugi Advocates has taken up cases for 66 families including a Kenyan family who lost their loved ones in the Lion Air Flight 610 crash in October 29th last year and Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 crash in March 10th this year.

The cases filed at a US federal court in Chicago according to the two law firms is just an icing on the cake as they are looking forward to represent even more families of victims who lost their lives in crashes which they argue where caused by human or mechanical error which could have easily been prevented by Boeing. The two most recent crashes led to the loss of 346 lives including those of 32 Kenyans.

According to the lead lawyer Manuel Von Ribbeck, the affected families are yet to receive final report from government officials who have been investigating the two crashes and are yet to have access to the ill-fated planes wreckage or designs and manufacturing documents.

The cases set for hearing next month seeks to find out why FAA went ahead to certify the Boeing 737 Max 8 aircraft and alllowing their operation despite there being compelling reasons to doubt their safety to use status. The firm known for its flawlessness and passion in representing victims of catastrophic incidences wants the court to order Boieng to compensate the families of the victims with up to a tune of 103 billion shillings.

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The two law firms also indicate that they may soon work together with both the authorities in Kenya and Ethiopia as the two countries who suffered the most in the latest airline crash. The lawyers want the two governments to file court cases against the decision making body of Boeing including the company’s CEO.

Speaking on whether the case could lead to the closure of the affected Airline manufacturer,   Lawyer Ribbeck noted that the compensation if granted by the court will be like a drop of water in the ocean since Boeing made more than 10 billion dollars in profit last year.

The firm which has so far represented clients in atleast 74 countries clocking cases covering 48 commercial aviation plane crashes is confident that the victims will get justice and more lives will be saved when the truth is revealed on what really happened.

The lawyers have also noted that should the case take too long to conclude,  they will consolidate their pleas in a single suit so as to prevent chances of ending up with two or more contradicting judgements coming from two different preciding judges.



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