Varsity Suspends Lectures due to Shortage of Chairs

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Even as reports from the auditor general Dr Edward Ouko indicates that institutions of higher learning are becoming broke on a daily basis, things are thick in Technical University of Mombasa. According to student sources, the university has in many occasions postponed lecturers due to shortage of important resources such as chairs. The students also claim that some are forced to sit on the floors as lectures continue, an activity that has proven a worry for both the student leadership and lecturers.

“It is so demeaning and disgusting when students who are in University starts complaining about inadequate chairs”, a student who declined to be named told the News desk.

In an open forum held at the university grounds, some of the students and student leaders expressed concerns about the chair menace calling on the management to act swiftly and restore normalcy in lecture halls. The group led by Derrick Nyasimi also criticised their union TUMSO for allegedly sleeping on their job. He expressed concerns over the high rates of nominations fee set to be paid by aspirants and called on for a total review of the said directive.

“The current TUMSO officials have raised the nomination fee from 3000 shillings to 7500 shillings. This is a very huge increase and those who have been aspiring to enter into leadership positions might be locked out”, an aspirant for chairperson’s post told the News desk.

“We are tired of being tired”, students who attended the Kamukunji kept on shouting for the better part of the day.

The university is said to have recorded the highest number of first year students during last year’s intake. The management has pegged the 4000 student population increase as a major challenge that they are facing. One of the officials noted that the issue of chairs was being discussed and that the institution is determined to ensure that normalcy returns.

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