Vihiga County Students to Benefit from a 15% Fee Waiver

Vihiga County

Students from Vihiga county joining Kaimosi Friends University College will benefit from a 15 per cent fees waiver courtesy of county government. Governor Moses Akaranga said he had discussed the issue with the University administration who agreed to implement the directive.

He said the move was aimed at encouraging students from the county to join the University to pursue their education and help it grow.

Vihiga County“The county government is putting measures in place to make university education accessible and affordable”, said Akaranga.

He added that the process of gazetting the university was on after a case in court challenging it’s establishment was dismissed. Akaranga asked parents to take advantage of the privilege offered to local students to enroll their children in the University.

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KAFUCO principal Prof Nandi said already some students have joined and benefited from the waiver. He said he was surprised that the university has not attracted many local students as expected. He said students under parallel programme pay Sh60,000 per semester adding that with the waiver they part with less fees as compared to other Universities.

“Some parents prefer educating their children at Kabarak University where they pay sh80,000 per semester”, said Prof Nandi.

He said courses offered include BSC Education and BSC Commerce. He explained that after gazzettement of the University more courses which include Medicine, Nursing, Public Health, Disaster Management, Criminology, and Journalism and Mass Communication among others will be offered.

The university has 254 students.



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  1. that’s not true coz we first years from masinde muliro we were forced to be in this college.there are no facilities in this school we have been forced to defer some of computer courses due to lack of computers.we would like magazeenreel to come and witness the trueth behind the establishment of this university or contact 0704562666

  2. huo ni ukora we are undergoing hardsht come to this college and see we are forced to be here when we belong to mmust

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