Wednesday Siesta: Why are some of our fathers running away from their obligations


Having recently celebrated our fathers and the father figures around, that brings our Wednesday Siesta’s point out. Are our dads really playing their roles or have they left mothers to play both roles.

As you move around. How many single mothers have you met. How many of them do you know. The mums who soon after giving births to innocent children,  are abandoned by the fathers responsible. A mum who has to raise four children. A mum who has to educate the children, dress , feed and protect them. Where is the dad?

A teenage girl gets pregnant. Unwanted pregnancy. The man responsible then denies it. Is he not supposed to be the father? Why is he running away from his obligations.

The father who wakes up in the morning. Goes to that “base”. Spends the whole day talking with other men and if he has nothing constructive to do,gets drunk and walks home later in the evening asking for food .

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But we still have learned fathers. Fathers who value jobs more than their family. A father who will barely be with his children. A father who if not outside the country or in the office, is in his room  stressing over job issues. A dad who will never attend school meetings. A dad who will never have direct contact with his children, if he wants to ask something from the kids  it has to be through their mum.

A father who is known all over by a great number of people but his children are never recognised. A dad whose children will always spit bitter words towards him.

A dad. A full grown father, who will be intimate with her daughter, ( such reported cases in media). A dad who will chose to marry somebody else and forget the first wife and children. A father who will always be busted with another lady.

However we have some other dad whose children have something to praise them for. The likes of Deputy president William Ruto. Her daughter had a reason for a happy daddies’ day to him as put in the standard news.

Our question this Wednesday remains to be. Are some of our fathers not responsible enough? why do most run away from their obligations? Should they still celebrate that fathers day?. feel free to drop your comment.



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