Weza Tele Limited already Benefitting from GES

Hilda Moraa

Hilda Moraa the founder of Weza Tele Limited is perhaps the first lady to enjoy the fruits of the just ended successful 6th Global Entrepreneurship Summit. The whole Summit, Co-hosted by US President Barack Obama and President Uhuru Kenyatta, was thrilled as she narrated her entrepreneurial journey.

Her company will now partner with AFB who will be injecting ksh. 154 million to enable it expand its operations and make it boom.

Her company, Weza Tele provides a number of  value added mobility solutions in commerce, supply chain, distribution and mobile payment integration, with these solutions in use not just in Kenya but also the likes of Tanzania, Zimbabwe and Nigeria.

Here’s Weza Tele tales from coal to gold yet still undauntedly bold. Hilda Narrates. 

We Are Hiring!! Writer

“Weza Tele Ltd was born out of a project that I worked on during my undergraduate studies at Strathmore University.

We Are Hiring!! Writer

The idea for the project came to me when I was working as a data analyst at a large global beverage and distribution company. I saw the challenges they faced within their distribution systems, so I conducted market research and documented those challenges then decided to develop an ordering solution prototype as my final year project. The prototype scored an “A”, and also won the top prize at the 2011 Mobile BootCamp. I think the project won because it provided a real solution to a real need that I experienced, which was now well solved while working in the global beverage company.

After graduation, I decided to develop the idea further beyond a school project. At that time I was a member at iHub, a local innovation hub for the technology community, and was looking for a team who was as passionate as I was. That is where I met Sam Kitonyi who was working at Nailab, a local business incubator, as the project manager. Sam had worked for over three years on e-commerce solutions with a local distribution company. The two of us later met Newton Kitonga at iHub. Newton had also worked on ordering solutions while doing his Masters program at  Strathmore University.

Together we founded Weza Tele Limited the house of our ideas – driven by a passionate team with a shared vision, ready to stat working on bringing our idea to fruition.

Our solution addresses the daily inefficiencies faced by small and medium fast moving consumer goods distributors. Currently, many small and medium distributors that deal with ordering and distribution of products or services are bogged by the day-to-day challenges of such a business. Those challenges include: having to place entries manually, tracking orders, long queues of retailers waiting to place orders, delivery delays to the retailer, costly brokers at the middle of the distribution channel, and orders placed by phone, which are inefficient, fraud-ridden, and cumbersome.”



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