What If Matiangi Came to Egerton University

Matiangi at Egerton University

We all have Matiangi’s in our Lives, but when we have deal with our own “Matiangi’s” everything comes to a close. There can only be one Fred Matiangi, the guy currently at the helm of the Kenyan education. I have seen serious guys, those who think they are serious. On that list, Matiangi tops them all. When he came up with the digital migration programs back then when he was under another docket, we thought it was just a political scheme. We waited for the deadline to see what he would do, like we always do, we are Kenyans. Then the TV’S were switched off and court battles followed. After that we started buying the digital boxes. As if that was not enough, he was brought in to shape up the Kenyan education system. How fast have things rolled!

Examination results being released without notice, impromptu visits to schools ,decrease in the number of A’s and for the record, Kenya witnessed the most honest results in the history of Education. The truth is, Ever since this guy started his thing, even the noisy KNUT and KUPPET are damn silent. Has anyone noted that? Because nobody really knows where he is headed next? He might be on his way to the KNUT offices or even on his way to a school in the little known Shuari yako estate in Homabay County. But have you ever stopped to think of what this guy has in store for Kenyan Universities and Colleges? We have all seen what he is capable of and his next bold step that still cannot be predicted is at the Kenyan universities. Picture Fred Matiangi on a surprise visit to Nairobi University. No! Kibabi University. No! Egerton University Njoro campus!

The truth is, if Matiangi came to Egerton University today and this “Today “ was an examination period, comrades will call out for the spirit of their long gone fathers and fathers of their fathers. I know just like you do that there are those who must just put up some exam irregularity, at times not because they have not read enough, but because they are just used to doing it. But then again picture you in college having in possession a paper you were supposed to do on 16th of January on 4th. You have no clue of what’s going on around you, all you can smell is that aroma coming from the JF Kennedy Kitchen and the noise coming off from The Kitchennete. Matiangi’s Visit to Egerton university can be the end to some of the students around.

All in all, a good job is being done and the guy deserves more. How we pray as a nation that he is not transferred to somewhere like EACC where MPS will easily ensure he is jobless again. As Form ones get to school and universities prepare to admit new students, we can only hope for more surprises, Adrenalin and headlines from Fred Matingi.

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Share your thoughts with us, what do you think will happen If Matiangi pops up at your local university or campus. Should Matiangi get into the Kenyan universities?

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We Are Hiring!! Writer

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