What You Don’t Know May Just Kill You: Deadly Effects of Contraceptives


Research has it that the 22.5 % of campus students engage in intercourse without protection but they do not get pregnant (the ladies of course). I am to assume that they are either depending on their  ‘safe days’ or they of course use the contraceptives commonly known as P2 pills, emergency pills or wrongly known as E-pills. (Wrongly because E-pills are ecstasy pills… killer pills rather, a story for another day). Since its discovery 50 years ago, thousands of campus ladies have seen it as a pillar of strength but one thing they do not know is that these pills come differently.


They replace your natural hormones with plastic ones and contain different levels of oestrogen and progesterone. Once taken, the oestrogen levels go high, in turn the progesterone levels which are used to maintain pregnancy go low. This creates an environment unsuitable for pregnancy occurrence. Women or rather ladies are advised to take this pill ONLY TWICE A YEAR!! Campus ladies, full of ignorance use it over and over again, even 20 times a year, what you do not know may kill you and contraceptives is just on top of the long list. Effects may occur if you are not using the right pill and in most cases this is true, you can never be sure so it is a hit or a miss (trial and error), using any of this pill more than twice a year and the grand painful cause is that the effects will come so long as you are using the pill-induced hormones.


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Here are the short term effects you should fear, yes you should because the synthetic hormones start being accepted by the body after around three months. Nausea, headaches, mood swings, depression, weakening of the bones, breast tenderness and even irregular menstrual cycle.

The long term effect are the following after being taken up and accepted by the body, you stop using them and the natural hormones make their way back.

1. Ovarian cysts- This is a growth that occurs in the ovary due to hormonal imbalance and contains a fluid, either water or if with blood vessels, blood. The one with water is safer than the one with blood. It is said that 90% of the women in the world have this, this is not something to be happy about because your portion is the 10%. Once it is there, it also acts as a hormone and causes irregular menses, excessive flow of menstruation, nausea and feeling of sickness, excessive cramping during menses and a lot of pain during intercourse. It may dissolve after sometime with the right medication from a gynaecologist but re-occurrence may happen and this time round in mutations. You may decide to embrace it but the membrane becomes too hard to dissolve in medication after some months or years thus calling for an operation. Chances of re-occurrence still stand even after an operation so this stays forever, imagine living on your menses forever because it worsens to a point of very frequent heavy menstrual flow. You should note that NOT all ovarian cysts occur after using contraceptives, some occur naturally because of hormonal production in women.

Birth Control Pill Container

2. Pulmonary embolism – The production of induced oestrogen leads to hormonal imbalance to the point whereby the red blood cells in the body act as if they were exposed to oxygen, this causes coagulation. Coagulation leads to the clogging of blood vessels in the heart and even legs. This prevents the transportation of oxygen leading to INSTANT DEATH.

3.Excessive weight gain-  The weight being gained here is not the attractive one, it goes and stocks itself at the stomach, feet, neck and even waist. It’s ugly! This is all brought about from hormonal imbalance


4. We all know puberty comes with physical changes like pimples controlled by oestrogen levels. If produced in high levels, pimples develop largely and in great numbers, you might just look like a sand paper or a plague victim.

5. Ectopic pregnancy-This is whereby the egg is fertilized at the fallopian tube rather than the uterus. This may lead to miscarriage. There are chemicals produced by the egg when it is moving down the fallopian tube and the chemicals attract the sperm , these chemicals may be produced earlier in case of hormonal imbalance thus causing ectopic pregnancy which is an unsuccessful pregnancy.

This article is not brought to ladies only but also men and is not meant to create fear. You might be a victim of this then I would advise you to see a gynaenacologist. Another thing is that I am not giving anyone a go-ahead to now have protected sex or get pregnant because the contraceptives are a killer pill, we are grown ladies…the grand choice is yours.

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  1. hey…its kim…nyc piece…i only had a minor issue with grammer…not to be a big deal…but i can see your growth…good job.

  2. I do not see any issue with this article infact am looking forward to one of abortion, Egerton ladies need one on that , Thanks for this.

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