When the Roads Get Rough: 4 Most Common Causes of Tractor-Trailer Accidents

Trailer accidents

There is nothing as scary as tractor-trailer accidents and nobody ever wants to get involved in them. In fact, tractor-trailer accidents are more fatal compared to other car crashes because of their huge size. Just to give you an insight; an average car weighs 4,000 pounds averagely while a trailer can weigh up to 80,000 pounds.
The good news though is that you can know how trucking accidents can occur and lead to catastrophic injuries or sometimes even death. Therefore, understanding the common causes of tractor-trailer road accidents can help you know how to avoid them. Below are the 4 most common causes of tractor-trailer accidents that you should keep an eye.
1) Driver Error
Human is to error and sometimes, you can do mistakes. Truck drivers are not an exception. They can also do mistakes. Sometimes, truck drivers can drive when drunk, drive under the influence of drugs, or drive when already tired.
Studies have shown that “majority of trucking accidents caused by driver error are due to the passenger vehicle driver (81%), not the trucker (22%).”
This is a too-good-to-true stat to ignore and that calls for some caution to drivers. Therefore, drivers should look for better techniques on how they can improve their driving habits so that they can limit the accidents on the road.
2) Poor Truck Maintenance
Companies that own trucks definitely have them for a purpose. They are either used for commercial purposes or used for general tasks within the company. The truth though is that trucks cover long distances. This means that they can wear and tear easily. Therefore, it would be the best idea to maintain your tractors or trailers regularly.
There are a couple of truck maintenance issues that can lead to truck accidents. For example, worn brake pads, cracked windshield and many others. Therefore, you should always check your rig before you start driving to ensure everything is okay as it should be. Doing so will minimize the probability of getting involved in a tractor-trailer accident.
3) Equipment Failure
You can do all the maintenance, repair all the parts and make sure everything is safe before starting to drive, but still, some parts may fail. It’s not always that you haven’t done enough maintenance. It’s just because of the manufacturer’s negligence of poorly designing a defective part.
So, if you realize any of your truck’s or trailer’s parts is defective, you can sue any of the following characters; truck manufacturer, truck company, mechanic who repaired any of your truck’s part. The above mentioned people will be liable. You don’t have to worry with your case, Stinson Law Group PC can help you if you reach out to them.
4) Improper Cargo Loading
It is the responsibility of truckers to take caution when it comes to loading and offloading of cargo. This is where most truckers become careless and cause accidents. If you want to prevent an accident of this kind, you need to take into consideration the weight, size, length, width or height of what you want to load or offload from your truck.
Bottom Line
The easiest way though to avoid such kind of accident is by using the current technologies that have emerged like telematics, real-time. These will help you minimize tractor-trailer accidents than you had ever imagined.



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