When You Think It’s Finally Over: 4 Types of Injuries That Aren’t Immediately Noticeable After a Car Accident

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If you’ve been involved in a car accident, it’s common to suffer some of the side effects immediately after the event. These can include shock and stress from something happening and taking you by surprise.

Depending on the severity of the accident, you might have sustained noticeable injuries, such as cuts and bruises, or broken bones. However, sometimes you may have sustained an injury without even noticing, and you may not notice for some time after the accident.

Today, we’re going to explore four kinds of injury that you may notice as a result of a crash, but you may not notice at the time. Of course, it’s important to be aware of these for your health and insurance purposes, so let’s jump straight into it;

#1 – Whiplash

This is perhaps the most common form of injury you may sustain, and the chances are you’ve heard of it. Also known as cervical acceleration-deceleration, or CAD, this occurs when your neck and head rapidly move forward and then backward, placing a ton of stress on the neck and spine and can ultimately cause quite a bit of damage, both in the long and short-term.

Some causes are minor, and you might not even notice, and it will get better over time, others could lead to other health implications, so it’s also best to get it checked out. When choosing the car accident attorneys you can depend on; you will need to highlight this as a potential condition early on.

#2 – Damaged Ligaments

When a car accident happens, it’s impossible to take note of everything that happens at once. Due to the structure of a car, any part of your body can become damaged by impacts, such as your feet, your knees, shoulders, or even your chest as it’s pushed into your seatbelt.

If you’re experiencing any kind of pain or discomfort in any area of your body days, weeks, or even months after an accident, make sure you’re getting it checked out to ensure it’s not highlighting a more serious underlying problem.

#3 – Concussion

It doesn’t matter if you’re in a small accident, or a big one, if you hit your head, even without realizing, at any point during the accident, you may be affected by concussion. However, this might not happen directly after the incident, but sometimes even several hours afterward.

They may seem mild at first, but if you’re experienced increasing headaches, fatigue, confusion, memory loss, dizziness, disorientation, or anything similar, you need to see a doctor or medical assistance as soon as possible.

#4 – PSTD

Standing for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, you may find after being in an accident that certain triggers can spark a response in your brain which your brain is trying to anticipate the event happening again, so you can protect yourself. However, this means reliving it in your mind which can be extremely stressful.

This can come in the form of flashbacks, vivid memories, panic attacks, huge amounts of stress and worry and intense psychological discomfort. Ongoing treatment and therapy/ counseling will be needed to help treat this condition.


As you can see, there are several conditions you’ll need to be thinking about days, even months, after a car accident has taken place. Always remember to listen to your body and if something doesn’t feel right, it’s always best to seek professional medical help to ensure your health is okay.



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