How Alcohol Use in Campus is Dangerous

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By Moses Auma

Drinking is supposed to be recreational, for ceremony, done after accomplishing something great like losing weight, achieving a new year’s goal, scoring 28/30 in a CAT, compiling a thoroughly researched assignment or after winning a delectable damsel your way if you are a
man. It is not supposed to be shambolic, done with no clear logic, even more, done out of desperation.

College has been known for ages as the bedrock of drinking, my comrades drink themselves into oblivion.There are those who drink because they have money at the moment. When one has money, they drink as much as they want, they also do their best to appear rich and gain
respect, they generously buy rounds for their friends and strangers. Some drink out of desperation, campus life can be stressful at times with sources of stress ranging from academics to relationships yet some drink because they have nothing better to do, which is not always the case. The greatest misdemeanor of this category is simply misplaced priorities. Regardless of whatever pushes my comrades to drink, agreeably,  harmful and underage college drinking are significant public health problems and they exact an extraordinary toll on the intellectual vitality  and social life of students in institutions of higher learning across Kenya.

Drinking at these institutions has been normalized so much that students perceive it as part of their higher education experience or irreplaceable leisure activity. Folks find it funny yet, at the same time, everyone knows how ridiculous it is when you see
guys being sick everywhere, vomiting on their beds or trashing up their halls.


Binge drinking, drinking heavily over a short period with the intention of becoming intoxicated, is very intense at the start of first year with fresher’s week and the constant expectations of going out and social pressures, just so, you know.


The main point of concern with college drinking is not drinking itself but the far-reaching ramifications it has, to not only the problem drinker but also to other college students as well as college communities and families.

Consequences may come in different forms such as death due to alcohol-related unintentional injuries, unintentional injuries while under the influence of alcohol, assault to other students by the perpetrator, date rape and unsafe sex, which may lead to sexually
transmitted disease and even unplanned pregnancies, other health problems such as hangovers, nausea, memory loss including suicide attempts. Greatest off all, in this case, are the academic problems such as missing class, falling behind, doing poorly on exams and
receiving lower grades overall.

Are you stuck in the rut? Then you don’t need to worry or at least worry less. You can still turn your life around You can decide to stop drinking completely or to reduce your alcohol intake. Remember that you are the custodian of virtue, the paragon of wisdom and knowledge. While in college, you still have the rest of your life ahead of you, and it will be
foolhardy to complicate yourself by keeping up something that only wrecks havoc. If you are now completely convinced that college drinking is bad, then kindly flee before it morphs into an all-consuming disease that could easily put you in the intensive care unit. The worst thing you can do is to stick around a belligere.

To control binge drinking,  you need to set limits for yourself and stick to them. Don’t let other people pressure you into drinking more than you want. You need to do self-analysis and rediscover who you really are and who you really need to be. Just make a radical decision to stop drinking. You may well, come out of peer pressure groups or practically leverage the 10 Steps to Quit Drinking Alcohol on. Don’t be hesitant to seek for help, do visit your school’s counselling office for help. Finally, let me join those who came before me in their declaration, excessive consumption of alcohol is dangerous to your health.

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