Why College Students Can’t Live Without The Internet


The lives of college and university students in Kenya have taken a fully different course since the advent of the internet, smartphones and laptops. Their lives have somewhat become completely dependent on the internet and the respective services offered in different websites in the following ways.
The internet has become the sole means of communication among the young adults. Internet based social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are now widely being used by students for communication purposes. Whatsapp application that runs on internet enabled smartphones and windows phones has made personal and group communication very easy and cheap compared to the tradition messaging techniques.
Online courses/Learning
The internet also enables students take online studies. It provides quick access to reading materials besides also providing an interactive internet based learning environment. At Maseno University every student is expected to undertake a HIV/AIDS online awareness course known as PHT.
Online jobs
The internet has sites where online jobs are allocated to interested subscribers and after completion of specific tasks, the subject is paid. Sites like Hivisasa, Kenyayote and Magazine Reel are Web based news sites where students contribute content and get paid. Some even raise enough pocket money from such ventures.

Students accessing internet services using their laptops over a WI-FI network at Maseno University. The lives of students are becoming more and more dependent on the internet as some have developed untamed addiction to it.

Sports Betting
The new sports betting franchise in Kenya has students as subscribers and customers of the sites. Internet based betting is widely used by students as it is interactive besides providing a long range of sporting  games to bet in.
Sites like Sportspesa, Betway and Betyetu are flocked by students as they have been found to be lucrative.
Every student in the University must undertake a research. The internet has made research easier by providing wide range of sources of unlimited information; it has even proved to host copies of books that may not be available in the libraries.
It also host tutorial of technical subjects that students usually download and learn from. Site like YouTube offer students tutorials in the fields of specialization.



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We Are Hiring!! Writer


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