Why Everything Seems Like A War of Supremacy


Here is the reason folks won’t stay in a queue and why whether deserving or not they will always want to be served first.

Consciously and subconsciously, we human beings are actively engaged in a contention a war of supremacy. Everybody wants to come first by hook or crook. According to human behavior everybody wants to be first-rate, first class and very exceptional. It has become a really skewed incentive :You are somebody when we can find you at the top and a nobody if you are nowhere to be seen at the top. This explains why we have invented Forbes list and mark list; the art of ranking people. In almost all human endeavors is an aspect of competitiveness. Whether it is education, politics or sports it makes meaning when you are at the very top of the game. This leaves us in a course of mad controversy for superiority, selfish pursuit and greed.

Let me give an illustrative anecdote;an experience that happened to me some years ago. One occurrence I think I will never forget. Back at primary school, I used to take the first place(I’m talking of academic performance) most of the time. I used to top and it was a daunting task to stay in the same place. I had keen and opportunistic rivals who came second and third respectfully. One of them was known as (Kelvin not his real name). At one incident we sat directly opposite each other. We never engaged in any significant conversation.

Not a physical confrontation as such but it was a fight nonetheless,quite implicitly. Teachers had not released our examination results but from the look of things either I or him would take the lead. So we were here to just confirm. We were adding up the exam results for the five papers one by one and we did it manually the same way class two pupils add three plus one. He did it first and I followed suit. After I had totaled up the first four subjects, I could see the fear in his eyes and some sweat form on his face suddenly. Finally, I added the fifth. My gross sum of marks was lower than his. He had defeated me. I had lost not won. Almost immediately Kelvin started smiling. He could not hide it.( I hope he remembers it too).

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Let’s look at what is happening in our country Kenya. There is a stiff rivalry. But sadly enough it is not really a competition to serve people. It’s just a battle of supremacy. The push for the referendum and the supposed effort to amend the constitution to change the age requirement for which an eligible presidential candidate must meet is, I just think, a deliberate take-on on Mr Odinga.
The political scene in our country is essentially about Raila and Uhuru are in this bout boxing each other. Do you think this fight will ever end? Well, it never will. Even if the leader of opposition, Mr Odinga, was sitting upon the throne, Mr Uhuru would still fight him. You watch keenly and you will see something is pulling behind these scenes and that thing is a thirst for power, a war of supremacy. This is the blunt truth- the citizen is barely a thought of this elite plutocracy. Am made to believe politics is selfish competitiveness; a vicious onslaught. That is it.
Let’s explore further this human misbehavior. A friend of mine bemoaned:’My teacher hates me because I dress better than her.’ This statement brings out at least one thing women as well are in a tough race. They are always competing and the contention always is: who gets to dress the smartest? I once read a quote that suggested women are competing for the few eligible men . So according to the posit it really matters how smart they look and how better than some other party they can dress. Counterfeit hair, insanely lots of make-up, increasingly skimp preening: the struggle is real.

Another thing, We know of crafty businesses dealing in counterfeit wares. Just an example. We know of Tri-cycle padlocks as traditionally secure padlocks and which have dominated the market for a long time now. If you didn’t know there are counterfeit brands by the names Tri-cycly and Tri-cyclle with a similar make. They are relatively cheaper and many without prior knowledge get outwitted and they buy these padlocks which last but for a very short period. Mimicry is a common practice in the business world. That again is a war of supremacy. There are many phones that are made in the likeness of Nokia and Samsung which are not anything close to real products of Nokia or Samsung. But they have flooded the market pushing for sales as well.


I was thinking, Why do we feel jealous? Well, I don’t know but every one feels jealous . It is an emotion. A human emotion. When we can’t achieve as much as someone does or when someone defeats us jealousy is the natural reaction. See, if were not engaging in some sort of contest, it could not be bothering when we are outranked by anyone. This is argument bolsters my idea that competition is a nature of modern humanity and it doesn’t come to an end.



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