Why KMTC Chicks Carry Condoms in their Purses


It’s a norm in this part of the globe that the male species should incur all expenses in romance. Yes, just like man is the head of the family, he’s given an upper hand in some absurd situations. It’s advisable to any civilized society in this dabo tap generation that people should negotiate for safe sex (that’s if you don’t want to inflate our already overpopulated country). With that in mind, you can agree with me that men take up the role of providing everything he shares with a woman.

I know many won’t believe this funny and obnoxious trend embraced by some beautiful divas in KMTC. Delegating this role of men is a group of chicks progressing their first year in KMTC Nairobi. They had to clobber the whole idea into my way of reasoning.

It all began when I was hanging out with these chicks at the common recreational ground within the city; UHURU PARK! A paradise that does justice to the less fortunate! The chicks had dressed like they were going to march on a red carpet, at the Oscar, not some bloody groove awards. Busy I was, keeping them lively with the obviously made up stories of mine when I noticed that they all had huge handbags with fascinating designs. This got me curious. I have always wondered what women carry in their handbags. For men we talk of wallets right? But wallets carry small assets like money, cards and all that… Is this what women would be having in their kiondo-size handbags?

I had to find out!

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Ofcourse I had to be so much of a man to request for that. And they obviously couldn’t deny that rare opportunity of my humility. Well, I managed to browse all of them. You won’t believe if I told u what bulges ladies’ handbags; a loaf of bread, cosmetics, slippers( just in case their delicate high heels surrendered on street), clothes, tooth brush and all those funny tools.

Coming to the theme of the day, I was moved when I met with male condoms in a few handbags!
This was worth recording in the Guinness book (just in case it’s not filled up). Back in my roots, such trends are unheard of. In fact sex is demonised with evil perceptions, though men are exempted for the same.

Surprisingly, these girls had assumed the whole thing like it was so normal for them to have such sumptuous gadgets with them. Though it looked weird asking about the awkward trend, I just had to rescue my mind from the borderline of confusion. So I paused a question in a casual way just to blend some euphemism in it. While holding a ribbon of a TRUST brand to converge their attention.

Hii ni make-up gani?” I asked.
That’s when they squirmed. I guess they would rather get stripped than show me the gadgets.

All in all, they just had to explain this men turned women trend to me. On a normal basis no one would opt to experience the ordeal of discussing anything relating to sex. This state of social affairs has led to an awkward situation whereby some Kenyans find it quite easier to have sex than talk about it! Many people in relationships, marriage, the elders and conservative ones, can attest to this; they never talk about it, they just have it! These babes defended their funny trend with an array of reasons that left me in some utopian thoughts.

One said that some boyfriends are so irresponsible to forget seeing to the norm of having the condoms. I quite agreed with that. Who on earth would want to suffer this herculean task!

Just then, another one complained that some guyz use condoms of poor quality(they must be the ones donated by WHO or is it the government). This sounds true to nature as some guyz shy off from buying condoms. It’s evident, since buying a condom from an open outlet makes the individual guilty to public declaration; He’s going to sin!

They also described it as a special kind of defense mechanism. Illustrating from a situation of rape, they argued that incase someone was about to rape them and May be the idiot was infected, it would be safe if she gave him a condom instead… Hehe, now, will we still consider that as rape? since there is a pact between the two!

As if the reasons were not exhausted, they said that they can as well be so fare to sire a shy guy and demand for the explicit pleasure, and provide it in case he’s not armed. They singled me out as an example and seriously, I confirmed that the idea of having the same contraceptives with me never crossed my mind. But do I look shy really?

This trend seems to be so mutual in Kenyan campuses since these girls claimed that it is a new touch by campus divas all over, only that most of them are just to proud to admit it. I think they explained it to me just because they live to the nature of being in a medical institution or May be they had no other trick to escapes of my prosecution.

Well, if this is the new trend in town, then it’s guaranteed that contraceptives will be maximized to their intended purpose. Though I still feel that this trend is somehow belittling men. I mean, female condoms should be in equal distribution by now since they have prevailed for over a decade. Why would they have male gadgets? Or do we have to remain mute for some gender equality?

This experience made me develop the desire of unfolding more of what women are taking over from men. It started with trousers to leadership to division of lab0r and now romance. Who knows, maybe the next thing is changing their gender!

But the question remains; is it true that campus chicks are trending this new swag?

Indeed, what a man can do, a woman can do better!!




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