Why Mike Jacobs Might be the Next Bob Collymore in Kenya

Mike Jacobs

Robert Williams Collymore otherwise known as Bob Collymore is one of the most decorated business men in Africa. The head of Kenya’s biggest Telco Safaricom has been at the limelight since the age of 12 years old. A member of the Guayana tribe married to a Harvard graduate here in Kenya is both loathed and loved in equal measure here in Kenya.

The Safaricom CEO who grew up under the care of her grandmother disclosed that he didn’t have a chance to enroll in any university and therefore doesn’t have any degree qualification. Though the news of his lack of a basic bachelors degree raised eye brows among curious Kenyans, no one would dare question his ability to steer the Safaricom company to greater heights. Bob’s experienced extends to over 30 years in the Telco industry and is has one of the most innovative minds in the World.

Even as Bob Collymore ages, Kenyans will remember him for several initiatives and projects that has seen the youth utilize their talents to earn a living and realize their dreams. Talk of the Blaze Magazine, Safaricom academy, MPesa Foundation and Safaricom Appwiz Challenge, Bob’s willingness to help the youth achieve their dreams has been immense. The 50 year old CEO recently told the media that though he didn’t have a chance to join the university, he would urge all the youth to pursue their education with the seriousness it deserves. He wishes that he would have had the capacity to join his dream university back in the UK.

I know many will argue that comparing such an individual with a one time campus representative will not only be outrageous but foolish. But then, when we study Mike Jacobs closely, everyone can see a Bob Collymore sprouting out of his flamboyancy. Though he was thrown out of the most coveted varsity in East and Central Africa, Mike who has a wife and a kid still holds his head high enough to give others hope.

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Mike Jacobs is obviously a very hard working individual whose money can easily be traced back to his Fashion and Design company and his Liquor stores spread across Nairobi city. A close study at the life of the Siaya county native reveals that he was not born with a silver spoon on his hands but has so far risen high to warrant having neighbors such as Raila Odinga and William Ruto.

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Just like Bob Collymore, Mike Jacobs has over and over again shown that people can make it even when they have never seen the gates of universities. Odhiambo trailed behind Babu Owino in the last SONU elections whose results exhibited alot of resistance from a group allied to his style of leadership. The young lad has so far maintained that the election was rigged in favor of the incumbent.

Though he says that he has put behind all that happened at the University of Nairobi, Mike filed a case at the courts seeking to reverse the decision made by the varsity’s senate to Discontinue him and 32 other students. This he says goes hand in hand with the rulings of the court that found him innocent of claims that he led the demonstration that saw the institution suffer destruction of properties worth millions of shillings in Early April 2016.

Unlike Bob Collymore, Mike Jacobs still has an in thing for politics of this country. He says that after doing business and making enough money, he will delve into national politics. He has promised to contest the parliamentary seat in his home county of Siaya in the 2022 elections.



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