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Let me broach this subject that I know a lot of young women won’t like very much. But nevertheless I will put in my two cents worth of exhortation. I saw today a woman literally squeezed in a scant, super- tight dress and I CARE DEEPLY that she looked especially unprepossessing and that she was hurting her abdomen. She pranced around. Now I think to myself , ‘why would a lass want to dress that way? Why would she want to pull out that funky look? Why that choice? Why scant? Why tight, super tight? And damn why would I even care?
Now here is why I care, its because this is a terrible kind of fashion. It is damnable, Indecent. And just very wrong. People talk of ‘class’ very much. I will say there is no class in this kind of garb, and I say this is the light of morality and, also, of health (or you think tight pants wont take a toll on your body,on your physical health?

There are a lot of people, both male and female just as guilty in this question of impropriety in dressing but right here I will talk about women, specifically campus women. I’m talking about them because this is the dynamic demographic that cherish and experiment with fashion the most. But there are these funky outfits that they are donning that allow for cleavage, that expose the thighs, that uncover the back, that emphasizes the curves, the hips and the folds of the bum.And I’m afraid that too many young women have fallen for this trick. They dress skimpily, in a manner that is remiss, even obscene. And what is the motive? To make heads turn and I would want to scoff at them.
Here is the catch, siz. When you clad in that scant skirt or that dress that is a little too tight, I wouldn’t want to remind you that you expose your thighs( are you nervous they won’t see you’re cute if you’re well-covered?) and that dress presses against you so much, it is hard to walk and it’s not good, even for your health. Yea, your health. There is, for instance, a case that was chronicled in the Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery and Psychiatry of a 35-year old woman who become numb from wearing tight pants.
“Her legs and ankles had become so swollen that emergency room staff had to cut her jeans off. Her ankles and toes were weak, but the rest of her legs, including her knees and hips, were working normally.”(TIME MAGAZINE). Need I say more?
Improper dressing can gnaw at your health but what’s even more bothering is the image you bring out. The image, I won’t say it is crummy,but it’s certainly not deserving of respect, of admiration, of praise, of God’s approval. When you choose to dress in an objectionable manner people look at you in a little bit different way .They don’t see you as the up and up person (you could probably be). They see you as something else ….and about that you can’t really help. If you clad indicently you need to come to grips with that. Dressing well is a form of good manners.



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