Will Amisi Follow the Ongoma or Hono’s Leadership Style?

Amisi Egerton

Amisi has been described as one of the great reformist by his legion “marwa en marwa” ours is ours but just another chairman by those against him.

He became a SUEU leader after a tight election held on 30th October 2015. Elected by the majority as a successor to the fallen hero Ongoma Isaac. He is among the few leaders to have a petition against him rejected by the administration on technical grounds. Raising the question if he is already in bed with them.

What exactly are we as Egerton fraternity getting, an attack minded student representative like of Babu Owino but only the good qualities or an easily manipulated leader, a self-centred on individual gains like most leaving office from the previous body. If you dispute this please tell me anything productive they did, just anything.

He has never been a class rep or any leader at any capacity that I know of but only came into the lime light after the Nyanza republic endorsed him, some said he only got it since he was the only best available option ; compared to the rest.

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“His experience in the recent engineers strike as a silent partner is the only taste of a school based strike he has participated actively in”
Will he be out spoken or conservative or a hybrid?

Ongoma though sometimes reckless, what the masses loved about him produced some exciting revolutionary emotions that most imagine but do nothing about it. Will he be outspoken or have a smooth pattern and ways of doing things; the Hono`s way. Hono went with diplomacy other than the big bang, thud employed by the “ruler from outside”

The whole idea about sueu politics is toying about with the idea of registering the union: since everyone likes to be independent, they buy the idea. Then become restless as the term progress.
Amisi from what he has shown so far “brings a lot of calmness and rationality, with a guy of his character it’s hard to predict his next move”, so will he outplay the administration through cleverness or use sheer brutality and force.

As a student part of the union, all you want is the best possible leader. A guy who will manage the union to the best of his abilities, not too intense or too timid, a person capable of handling any situation. Time will tell if he will be a hybrid or at one of the extreme ends. As the saying goes, soon the black space will be illuminated.




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  1. We all trust in Amisi as our chairman and with time I blv the Egertonian will admit that actually he is a leader.Am proud of him and wat I blv as an individual is that he will lead us yo the direction that ongoma intended to take us through….thnx Mr Chairman

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