Will Kenya See More Casinos Built?

Casinos in Kenya

In recent years, the people of Kenya have become genuinely passionate about gambling, both at land-based and online casinos and in the form of betting on sports. While some have their reservations about this, it is proving good for the economy, with the casinos helping to alleviate unemployment, and this piece will look at a few of those that are proving especially popular.

Many of the most popular and successful of Kenya’s casinos are located in Nairobi, with the Finix Casino being one of them. This can be found at Nyaku House, on Argwings Road – one of the more upmarket parts of the city, and close to its centre. The Finix is one of the more recent additions to the burgeoning casino scene in Nairobi, having opened its doors a few short years ago, but it has established itself quickly. It has two gaming floors and a strong selection of games similar to those that can be found online at sites like casinoonline.co.nz, including Texas Hold’em Poker, Caribbean Baccarat, Pontoon, 10 Blackjack tables, five roulette tables and numerous slot machines.

Although its convenient location has played a role in its rapid rise to prominence, the Finix has ultimately built its reputation on its games. It is rivalled by another Nairobi casino however, in the form of the Captain’s Club Casino – which you will find within the Kellico Complex on Mombasa Road. This casino has been a part of the city for a bit longer, having been constructed in 2010, and it is owned by the company Sunrise Casinos – representing the jewel in its crown. It has made a name for itself as one of the more upscale and exclusive casinos in Nairobi – treating those who visit it as if they are royalty. There are plenty of slot machines on offer, while roulette, poker and blackjack can also be found, marking it as another distinctive Kenyan casino.

It is not just Nairobi that boasts strong casinos though, as Mombasa is another Kenyan city to do so – notably the Golden Key. This elegant casino has an unusual setting – being on the roof of the Tamarind seafood eatery – but this ensures you enjoy a fine view of the picturesque old town while there. Games include Texas Hold’em, Casino Hold’em and 3-Card Poker, Pontoon, American Roulette and Blackjack, while the terrace and bar lets you relax and soak up the views. Overall, despite the concerns that some have about the social impacts of gambling, it is proving a vital source of revenues for the Kenyan government – with the casinos paying both taxes and licensing fees – and is helping to lift Kenya out of poverty.

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Given these points, as well as its enormous popularity among those living in the country, it seems very likely that more casinos will be built in Kenya in upcoming years.



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