Will Maseno University Students Receive School IDs or Helb Smart Cards Soon?

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By George Munyasia

Maseno University students are now waiting hopefully to own permanent school identification cards after using temporary ones for so long. The temporary ones could be printed at anytime, anywhere, by anyone.

This comes after a spirited plea with the campus administration to do away with temporary IDs. One cannot graduate without a permanent ID card, which is applied for as early as when one is in their second year. But the process usually takes long that one could finish up studies and leave without having seen it.

Students, especially the fourth years, are already checking in at the Student Organization of Maseno University (SOMU) offices. But they have been requested to give it some time, and check back after the school has officially opened for the first semester 2019/20 academic year. There are only but medical students on the compound as at now.

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Though the temporary IDs bear the institution’s stamp, it does not really “cut it”.

Apart from the name, admission number, school, department and course, the current ID will bear a colored image of the student in portrait format. All these activities will be overseen at the Academic and Students Affairs Registrar’s office. Students availed themselves at the Registrar’s office on April for ‘photo shoot’, an activity that ran for two weeks.

“Notice to all students: Please avail yourself at the Registrar’s office to take photos for your IDs. The activity will be closed by 18th April, 2019.” The placards, distributed throughout the two campuses, read.

This is among the plans put forth by the senate to provide a more comfortable learning environment for students before and after their graduation. The administration also, through this,intends to curb the insecurity malady and reduce exam malpractices by students who fake the IDs and illegally walk into the exam room.

Kenyatta University is a sample of an institution that implemented this program and it has helped its students a great deal.



We Are Hiring!! Writer

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