Will the Amisi Led Team Change the Story of Egerton University’s SUEU?


After all was said and done at Egerton University,politics has been dusted. The winners in the various political seats are still getting to terms with their victory. The loosers are having time away trying to check on where the rain started falling on them,that is if they have ambitions and constitutional rights to be at the ballot one more time. For those who were at it for the last time,dictated  by the unions constitution,its a different ball game ,the mind probably shifts to some other things ,maybe national politics.

Well,after the inauguration at the graduation square ,SUEU Chairperson Amisi Otieno now has the the union on his hands,followed by handing over done on Friday at A.R.C hotel ,that was attended by the former Chair Issac Ongoma and almost all the incoming union leaders,all eyes are now on Amisi’s administration. Will he be able to deliver on the promises he made to the many comrades who voted him over the other candidates? Will he be able to keep the trust the students have vested in him?

For those who have been keen ,you will always meet the chairman with the secretary general by his side.The secretary general is an instrumental Figure and holds the key to the success of the union. The buck stops with him. He must put down the framework and policies that will enable all other executives to deliver on their manifestos. When the secretary general fails,the union fails.Amisi keeping the secretary General closer then points at a lot being dome to ensure that the union hits the road .

The students have a lot of hope in the union. As to wether they are hoping against hope ,only time can tell.In recent history,the union has not done much. It is like the only job it does is to fight against for Zero-balance during examinations(Exam Cards) after which they go for an holiday In mombasa. There is much more to be done.This much more can only be achieved if the union remains true to itself and works in harmony with the incoming Vice Chancellor Professor Rose Mwonya and the students.In this case,the students are the boss. They then should be enlightened on all the unions activities,a union that does its things in the darkness is often disrespected by the students.

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As they settle in office,the executive should know that they are at the center,the nation is watching.Amisi Led team has the time,the resources to change the script,to deliver,to change the story ,to change the course of history,they have the trust of the students to loose.Whether or not they will deliver is only a matter of time.Time speaks,yes,time will tell.

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We Are Hiring!! Writer


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