Winds of Change: 5 Essential Guidelines to Surviving a Career Change


If you think about the prospect of changing career, one of the first feelings you may come up against is fear. What’s going to happen? How well off are you going to be? What if something goes wrong and you’re unable to pull yourself back to at least where you are now?

While many things won’t happen, being prepared and organized throughout your career change can help you put your best foot forward. Today, we’re going to explore five essential guidelines you need to know in order to survive your career change.

#1 – Don’t be Afraid, You Won’t Be Stuck

Perhaps one of the biggest fears you’ll need to come over is the one where you’ll think you’re going to be stuck into the career you’re heading into. Thinking in this mindset adds a lot of unnecessary pressures which is more than likely to create avoidable problems.

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Not everyone gets just one career change, and if you’re willing to work hard enough, you could change your career, in theory, every year. Relax and stay calm in order to make the best decisions for you, instead of worrying about the future.

#2 – Consider Your Resume

When you’re changing career, even if you’ve been in your current one for years, you’re going to want to include as much information as possible in your resume, but this is a double-edged sword. Employers want resumes that are short and easy to digest with punchy information and data-bites.

Research how best to write a resume in order to boost your chances of getting accepted within your new career path. If you need help, consider using a service like that can help with the details.

#3 – Slow, Yet Steady

There’s absolutely no reason why you can’t make your career change a gradual and progressive change. While some people might like to quit their jobs and jump straight into something new, this doesn’t have to be for you.

You might like to learn about your new career, slowly acquire qualifications for the role you want, go part-time at both your current career and your new one, and overall just slowly make your way over into your new career path.

#4 – Network, Network, Network

The importance of networking can never be understated. No matter what stage of the career-changing process you’re at, whether you’re thinking about a change or nearly ready to start working for a new business, make sure you’re networking.

Other people in the industry will be your best insight into what a career is like and what you need to be doing. Through networking, you’ll also never know what opportunities might present themselves to you.

#5 – Train Yourself

Having a willingness to learn while going through a career change is one of the best mindsets you can have. Since you’ll be learning lots about your new career, meeting new people and learning about a new job with new information and new skills, be prepared to take this information on.

If you’re unwilling to learn new things and you’re stuck in your ways, you’re not going to survive the career change journey.


This is just a handful of ways you can survive the career change path, but the most important thing to remember is to believe in yourself and have a positive mindset. If you’re worrying about things or stressed out, this is only going to make things worse, so remember to breathe and remain focused.



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