Worries as Mulembe House Splits Over MUSO Elections

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By Eddy Ashioya

Mulembe House is in trouble. The COWESA -(Consortium of Western Students Association) -sponsored bullfighters are in sharp disagreement over whom to nominate for the Vice Chancellor’s..erm..Vice Chair’s MUSO office docket. It is said to be a two-chick *pardon the pun* race between Sharon ‘The African’ Muhonja, and Elsie ‘Malaika’ Muhonja. No, they are not sisters. Both originating from Vihiga County, the Wanga Kingdom is split in the middle over whom to support.

Sharon, a 3rd year in the School of Arts and Social Sciences taking Social Science, the betrothed fiancée to the MUSO Sports Director, Clinton Mutali ‘Papa’, commands respect across the borders from her charitable work, The Young Mothers’ Association, and her linen-free singing voice coupled with a full African body. Especially the posterior Alma matter.

Elsie, also a 3rd year in School of Human Resource Development taking Human resource Management, known for her simple and direct approach to issues is not only the people’s darling but also the perfect wife who not only listens, but never nags. Her rumoured close relationship with the Academics director, Edwin Gogo alias Edu Moen has ruffled feathers across the campus considering Edu’s viral following.

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The two chicks, *again, forgive the pun*, touted by pundits to cause an upset in this year’s elections are apparently not seeing eye to eye on various issues. Considering the fact that only one can be nominated by COWESA, it remains a fight to the core to see who can scratch the ground harder. Hehe.

With Papa and Edu Moen leaving office early July, it is yet to be seen whom will lay the COWESA flag high, despite the rumours circulating of a possible fall out between the two heavy weights. Coupled with this is the fact that if none of them is willing to step down, and this is most likely, then COWESA might as well hatch the VC’s post goodbye.

Papa’s credibility is on the line on whether he would allow Sharon to step down, or be like the proverbial monarch and rule Moi like a family dynasty. And therein lies the biggest problem, the whole campus knows that Papa and Sharon are one, and therefore Sharon’s tenure would only be an extension, though invisible, of Papa’s rule, even though Sharon is just as influential by herself. But there is no ‘woman’ without a ‘man’ in it, is there?

Elsie meanwhile is well known in Wanga kingdom and surrounding regions, but her influence hasn’t been felt across the board. Her soft-spoken nature and laid-back approach to matters could also prove a hindrance to the more vocal and auspicious Sharon. Her only comfort can lie in her having an aggressive campaign team. However, when she sits at the round table, you cannot ignore her, for she knows how to work her way to the top.

Will the cock finally crow in Mulembe House or will the eagles have a feast on the chicks?

SOURCE>>> Moi University Press Club, The 3rd Eye



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