Young Innovators Agribusiness Competition

Young Innovators Agribusiness Competition
Young Innovators Agribusiness Competition

The “Young Innovators in Agribusiness Competition” will enable East African startups and small and medium sized Enterprises to present innovative businesses that can attract potential investors and stakeholders through competition. It will target youth aged between 18 – 35 years who own startups and Small and Mediums Enterprises (SMEs) in East Africa region (Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda and Burundi) and Ethiopia, Madagascar, Seychelles and Mauritius.


About 120 start-ups and SMEs will be shortlisted and will undergo a training program; and top 6 winners will receive seed capital of over 20,000 USD (one of them being the best Female Entrepreneur).


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The key mandate is to increase intra-regional trade in agricultural products and improve food security in the region with a focus on staple foods. The Young Innovator’s Business Competition will aim to support growth stage agri-business SMEs that have a regional presence and focus and that have the potential to contribute to an increase in intra-regional trade with increased regional investment.

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Agri-business enterprises require access to capital in order to increase their capacity to trade across borders. The eligibility criteria for businesses to qualify for entry into the program are that they must be at growth stage and have the capacity to contribute to increased intra-regional trade.

Young Innovators Agribusiness Competition
Young Innovators Agribusiness Competition


Participation Eligibility Criteria

Mandatory Requirements

1. Business should be owned/founded by individuals/groups aged 18 – 35 years.

2. Business should be two years and above in operation (registered name and its legal status, sole proprietor, partnership and company, etc)

3. Business should have a defined model beyond idea stage

4. Business should be within the agricultural value chain/food chain

5. The competition is open to nationals who own businesses and start up from East African Community Members States and Ethiopia, Madagascar, Seychelles and Mauritius.

6. The business model should increase the capacity of growth stage agri-business SMEs that could help contribute to increased regional trade.

Additional Requirements

7. The business model should be able to promote aggregation of small holder farmers and demonstrate agribusiness value chain awareness.

8. The business model should be innovative in the provision of solutions to the reduction in post-harvest losses through better crop handling solutions, cold storage models, transportation and logistics.

9. The business model should promote the provision of high quality inputs.

10. The business model should show market-driven applications of existing regional

agricultural standards.

Expected Results and Outcomes

The Young Innovator’s Agri-business competition is expected to generate the following outcomes and results:

  • Identify and support SMEs beyond idea or concept stage that could have an impact in identifying innovative solutions to existing challenges within specific crop value chains.
  • Increase the availability of capital for growth stage Agri-business SMEs that are owned by the youth.
  • Provision of capacity building, mentorship and entrepreneurial training to growth stage SMEs and entrepreneurs in the agri-business sector to support them in the growth of their businesses.


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