10 Reasons Why Men Hit And Run,No.8 Will Surprise You


By now, you’ve probably had more than a dozen ladies opting for abortion since the guy refused to take responsibility of the pregnancy.
Often, ladies act as victims, putting all the blame on men, which leaves them no choice but to flee.Here is a detailed list of reasons he’ll probably hit and run.

1. You Appear Loose.
Whether it was a moment of weakness or your love for sex, the guy is likely to distance himself from you the minute he realizes that you are easy-going. Actually don’t blame him, no man wants a lady that can easily give it all within minutes of first sight; especially since the child will tie him to you for life. So, before you become John legend and give him All of You on the first day, beware that you’re doing it at the expense of it all.Your dressing code also determines a lot when it comes to the type of guys approaching you.

2. In Touch With Your Ex.
Don’t expect him to be happy and trust you when all you’ve been having are fights about why your ex still visits you in your room at night. In fact, the more often he finds guys in your room, the more likely for him to hit and run.

3. Previous Abortions.
If a guy is aware of your previous abortions, be sure that 98.6% chances are that he will hit and run. After-all, it wont be your first time to abort. Some guys will even approach you with their main intention being just but to get a fair share of those free goodies since they know you will just abort instead of chasing them everywhere.

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4. Playing Victim.
Guys are different. There are those who don’t mind taking responsibility of your pregnancy. However, that is often changed when you start playing the victim and put all the blame on him. Just before you go hard on him, just remember that he never did rape you. You both did enjoy each other; so both of you should take the blame and be part of the solution instead of playing victims.

5. Threats.
Besides you playing victim, those threats about your dad killing the guy when he find out that his “Innocent-Little-Princess” got laid only makes the guy distant. Trust me, the threats do more of scaring him away than making him take responsibility.

6. Fear Of Losing The Freedom.
When you start telling him of how he should now stop watching soccer with pals and instead start planning how he will cloth the baby, get married to you and keep off other ladies, you are literally making him run away. No man can withstand seeing his freedom go down the drain just because of your “silly” dreams that he didn’t ask to be part of.

7. Strict Parents.
Besides your threats that may just but be a trick to scare him into taking responsibility of your pregnancy, some parents actually do contribute to the increasing hit and run scenarios seen in the boy-child. If the boy’s parents are capable of disowning him because of getting a girl pregnant; I don’t see why the guy will not disown the unborn baby and the girl to save himself.

8. Fear Of Shame.
Really!? Fear of shame can make one hit and run? I also used to doubt this, until I joined campus some few years back. Here, at campus, students fear shame more than abortions, retakes, HIV/AIDS and walking naked. In fact, most ladies would rather abort than to be seen with a big-belly. Guys would rather hit and run rather than be called dad while in 2nd year.

9. The Hit And Run Trend.
As much as we are quick to blame university students for moral decay, they just but portray what goes on in the society at large. They are just but following the hit and run trends that already exists in the society. I first heard of this hit and run phrase when I barely knew the meaning of love-making. I blame the society to some extent for having spoilt me by portraying it as a way out of trouble.

 10. Validation.
While some guys would hit and run to avoid the shame of being called Dads at a tender age, other would simply run away so as not to be viewed as weak by their peers. The thought of being secluded from the group of “Cool” campus guys often results to hit and run.

With that said, the next time you get hit, please beware of the things that are likely to make him run. If he is a sensible guy, he will probably stick by your side and even fight all your wars. But that is bound to change if you don’t try to reason with him.



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