10 Reasons Why You Must Make Love In A Relationship, Number 3 Will Make You Do it Everyday


In marriage, love-making is more than just a way of pleasure. It’s a very important aspect of marriage that surely shapes the love life of the spouses. However, this beautiful thing that is even mentioned in the Holy Bible(Heb 13:4) and Holy Quran, is often done in the wrong way and for wrong reasons. Love-making has been materialized to an extent of being exchanged for cash, some ladies use it as a way of pleasing the guy, while married ladies use it as a way of blackmailing the husbands into doing things they want. Love-making is not supposed to be used as a reward for favors received.
Enough with the stories, lets kickoff with the reasons why this so-called love-making ought to be more of a necessity than an option.

1. Love-Making Is Sweet.

Oh yah! I can’t wait to get married someday and taste this sweetness I always hear from all corners of the society. This is the number one reason love-making even exist in the first place. The pleasure that comes with it is often described as heaven on earth. Is this why my neighbor moans all night?

2. Love-Making Is A Natural Thing.

No wonder I never read anything about the inventor of love-making in the “Students’ Companion” and history books. Love-making is just a natural thing that almost all mammals get to enjoy. So, any attempts to fight nature will often lead to malfunctioning and fatal outcome. Enjoy nature for heaven sake.

3. Sweat.

huh! Why is this filthy thing in such a sweet topic!? Take it easy dear, you see, during intense love-making, we get to sweat as a mechanism of cooling our bodies. This is a health and cheap alternative to using the sauna and other methods of detoxifying your blood. Hey! it’s also one of the 8 Simple ways to get rid of Pimples without spending even a single cent.

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4. Physical Exercise.

Apart from sweating, love-making is also a way of keeping fit. During this sacred action, that repetitive motion is form of exercise that efficiently burns calories. With enough love-making and role switching, there won’t be need to join Slim possible. What are you waiting for! Lets exercise. 😉

5. Increases One’s Beauty.

I used to find this hard to believe. It’s the biology in love-making that convinced me. Most of us think that its our eyes playing a trick on us, but the fact is that during love-making, ladies release more estrogen which is responsible for the smooth skin and all the feminine features. Although this high estrogen level is only temporary, regular love-making will improve your general estrogen production level hence making you more beautiful. This all applies to men with testosterone. I guess this is why some men feel more of a “real man” after love-making.

6. Let There Be Kids.

No magic will bring kids into your family/marriage if you don’t harness the power of love-making. Whether yours or adopted, kids are a fruit of love-making. It’s a sweet natural God-given thing that will bring life to your marriage. Kids bring happiness in return.

7. Better Love-Making Skills.

You really ought to be knowing this already. As they say: “Practice makes perfect”, Don’t expect to wake up knowing all about love-making. even reading a thousand articles about it will not make you perfect. People are different, hence regular love-making will surely make you know your partner’s needs, likes and dislikes, which makes you more skilled in bed.

8. Strengthens The Relationship.

With skills in bed, kids in the compound, untamed beauty and in good shape, I don’t see why the marriage should not work. Hey! hope you still follow these 10 Ultimate Steps To Attaining the Wife-Material Status

B. Sex Connects Souls.

Sex goes beyond the pleasure; it bring the two souls in sync, bringing the spouses closer to each other, hence strengthening their marriage. This Soul connection urge is the reason self-pleasuring(masturbation) never really kills your desire for body-to-body kind of love-making. It’s also the reason rape hurts and takes long to fully recover; it’s never about the body part attacked, but the soul that takes time to heal.

9. Reduced Chances Of Infidelity.

Besides the man’s natural weakness towards ladies ever since the days of Adan & eve and the likes of Samson and Delilah, a man can also opt to cheat simply because the wife plays hard to get even after marriage. A way to a man’s heart is through his stomach; when you stop offering him his favourite meal, he will eventually look for someone willing. Even if it means going to the brothels. Again, regular love-making uses up the extra energy that would otherwise be put to use somewhere else. Drain it out ooh!

10. Financial Aspects.

Haha! I find this hilarious enough to windup the list. But hey! Brothels are never for free. Also, the clandes (Mpango wa kando) know how to gold dig. Did I mention the physical exercise and increased beauty? That means you won’t have to invest so much in gym and beauty products.

From now on, you have more than enough reasons to smile the next time you go love-making. Wish you a happy marriage Madam/Sir. Unfortunately, We the unmarried don’t have the right to enjoy along. Abstinence is all we do. 🙁




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