12 Phrases Guys Use When Asking For A Breakup,Most use No. 4

Phrases Guys Uses| Breakup
Phrases Guys Uses| Breakup

We often focus on starting relationships and “Living Happily Ever-After” that we forget the fact that dating is meant to check compatibility with each other.
With that said, it means that any incompatibility found between the two is likely to lead to a painful breakup. The reason for this breakup pain is mainly due to crashed expectations. You ain’t getting any younger, which makes the feeling of having wasted time on the wrong person even more painful. Enough with the talking, lets kick off with some of the popular ways guys try to put the message across when they need a breakup.

1. Lets Just Be Friends

If you are ‘Unfortunately lucky’ to have heard this phrase from your guy, am sure he’s now your Ex. This is a common way for guys to initiate a breakup without heartbreaking you. Or at least that’s what they intend when using the phrase. But maybe he just feels guilty for something he did that haunts him to date.

2. Babe, I Don’t Deserve You

If the guy is more sensitive to your feelings, he might opt for this phrase instead of the “lets just be friends” as a way to initiate a breakup.
But don’t be quick to judge him, he might just be having some self-esteem issues. You can share these tips with him to help him Regain The Self-Esteem

3. You Deserve A Better Guy

I guess this is a more straight forward one. There comes a time in a man’s life when he just gets tired of hurting you all the time and decides to set you free. The more sensitive a guy is, the more likely it is for him to feel hurt when he hurts you. Letting you go comes as a result of his great love for you. Who said that love has to always tie us to each other!? Sometimes a breakup is a sign of great love.

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4. You Ain’t The Girl I Fell In Love With.

This phrase is likely to show up when you are in a disagreement or a misunderstanding. This is a great way to make her feel like she’s at fault just before asking for a breakup. However, it’s not a great way to end a relationship as it lowers the ladies self-esteem unnecessarily.

5. You No-longer Care About Us.

Again, this is likely to come during the little fights love brings with it. It’s more of emotional blackmail to make things better when used by ladies, but for the guys, it’s one of the ways that can be used to initiate a breakup.

6. I Think We Took Things Way Too Fast Babe.

The guy is simply asking for a breakup. But that doesn’t mean you were not good enough. Sometimes things simply don’t workout for no good/bad reason. Just let him be, don’t force things to workout as the relationship is likely to get violent and a one_way_thing.

7. I Want To Be Serious With My Studies.

Start packing dear, the next thing you will hear is the “lets be friends” and all the rest. In Other words, you are just another destruction in his life. Wake up Girl!

8. I Got Saved Last Night.

“What!” “Yah Babe, I’m saved and I really don’t want to back-slide.” Don’t worry dear, it’s not the end of the world. Stop feeling wasted. It’s nice to be single again after semesters of self-destruction, isn’t it?

9. What Would You Do If We Were To Breakup My Princess?

I call this a pre-breakup-test. Ladies are likely to use this as part of their normal chat or when they kinda plan something in the future. Guys too use this phrase as a means of examining the damage they’ll have caused when they finally gain the courage to ditch you.

10. This Relationship Is Not Right.

When a guy wants to end the relationship, it’s at that time that he remembers of how having a relationship is such a wrong thing while still in school. But don’t be too surprised when you spot him with your identical twin the following day in the same campus as if he has already graduated.

11. A Friend Of Mine Is In Love With You.

When a guy can’t gather the guts to breakup with you in a straight-forward way, friends always come to his rescue. At this time, he might literally hook you up to one of his pals or send his pal to try to woo you into his “Box”.

12. I Don’t Mind You Dating Another Guy.

Generally, it’s the moderate jealousy that keeps the relationship healthy. When a guy no longer cares about you having another guy besides him, then things are not OK. If he’s not just pulling your leg, then he is likely to be cheating on you and wants to make it even. Another possible reason for this phrase is when the guy wants you to gain experience and maybe start appreciating his love when you realize how mean some guys can be.

That brings us to the end of this list of phrases you ought to watch out for. however, it’s good to note that the use of any of these phrases does not equate to asking for a breakup. People think and do things differently. Hence don’t be quick to judge him.



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