Kenya ICT Master Plan

Kenya ICT Master Plan
Kenya ICT Master Plan



In January this year, the Kenyan president, His Excellency Mwai Kibaki presided over the official ground breaking ceremony of the Ksh8 billion Konza Techno City in Makueni County. Konza is expected to become one of Africa’s biggest ICT cities. Konza Techno city is part of the larger Vision 2030 flagship projects, it’s expected to create 200,000 jobs in the city alone! Its approximated that the Techno Park would be home to government data centers, universities, business process outsourcing (BPO) firms, science park, convention center, international schools and health centers.

The government acknowledging that the future economy of the country depends on developing a skillful and knowledgeable human capital, it has therefore designed interventions that are both specific to Social and economic pillars under vision 2030.

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 So as to achieve the full benefits of the master plan under the social pillar, seven key interventions areas have been set, namely:

  1. Education and training

  2. Health sector

  3. Water and sanitation

  4. Environment

  5. Housing and Urbanization

  6. Gender, Youth and Vulnerable groups

  7. Social Equity and Poverty Reduction

Under the economic pillar, seven key areas of interventions have been laid out, they include:

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  1. Tourism

  2. Agriculture

  3. Wholesale and Retail trade

  4. Manufacturing

  5. Business Process Outsourcing

  6. Financial Services

  7. Creative industry

The ICT Master plan strategic goals by end of 2017 are:

  • To have every citizen, resident, home and institution connected through countrywide robust, accessible and affordable ICT infrastructure.

  • To make Kenya become a leading ICT Hub in Africa, attracting leading global players and generating respected local entrepreneurship and innovation.

  • To avail public services to all citizens through ICT and enable a truly integrated, open and efficient government delivering meaningful value to citizens.

  • To have Kenya be a Knowledge Based Society enabling every citizen use ICT to improve their knowledge, businesses and livelihood thus making ICT the greatest enabler of Kenya’s economic growth.

Once the above mentioned plans and goals have been implemented successfully its expected that by 2017, there would be: 100 successfully commercialized businesses, 20 new innovations that are globally propagated through government co-facilitated commercialization, have an ICT industry generating USD 2Bn, create 500 new tier 1 ICT companies, created 50,000 jobs, have an impact of +25% on the GDP(Growth Domestic Product), automate 60% of the SMEs(Small and Medium Enterprises) and enable +50% productivity gain for Vision 2030 economic sectors.

For further information you can download the full KENYA ICT MASTER PLAN HERE



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