16 Reasons You’re a College Student and You Need to Get Back to School


Often upon exiting college many graduands and even students hate their homes even if they are on holidays. This is a fact and here are the reasons which makes you one such who’s bored with home and needs to get back to school.

You have the energy to go out/party so rarely that you try to fit two weeks worth of fun into an hour and a half, and the college student inside of you who is trying to control you is so disappointed in your three-shot maximum.

You’ve started to become delirious and THINK you see friends/classmates around your hometown, but really it’s just your weird neighbor. You go around waving at almost anyone thinking they’re your close friends and buddies from campus.

Instead of getting home from class and going to hang out with friends like you would at school, you get home from work and attempt to pass out as quickly as possible. This is for you got nothing else like watching with your buddies in school.

You are so sick of hearing how your high school friends think their college is better than yours.

collegeYou’re shocked to see how many people you went to high school with are having babies…and how EVERYONE IS JUST CASUALLY FINE WITH IT.

You totally forgot that housework, yard work, and chores were still something your parents could make you do.

You text some of your college friends to catch up, but they don’t respond for a week because they are just “so busy with the new internship.

You’re forced to attend family friends’ graduation parties, but feel like you might as well be a 30-year-old when you see how young the most recent high school grads look.

You are so tired of explaining your summer plans to your parents’ friends that you wish you had just had little business cards with all of your summer information made up.

16 Signs You’re A College Student Who Needs To Go Back To School

You’ve started to become overly excited about the most mundane things: fully charged electronics, waking up after 9 a.m., having the house to yourself, and leftovers.

You also have trouble controlling your emotions when you see there’s a Law & Order SVU, House, or Friends marathon on

You are now at the point where you pretend not to know how to cook, just so that your mom makes you stuff. Or you actually just don’t know how, so everything sucks.

Your social life consists of refreshing Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Vine, Snapchat, and other social media, over and over again.

You look like this whenever you leave your room/go out in public. ALWAYS.

You’ve had a countdown of how many days you have until you get to go back to school since the day you got home for the summer.

You get so excited when you realize you only have a few more weeks until you get to go back to your favorite place on earth!



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