2 Genius Students Transforming the Advertising Industry in Kenya

Jaynaz Company Limited
Mr. James (Left) and Mr. Julius (Right) Jaynaz Company Limited Co-founders

In his many years as an advertising executive and copywriter, Ogilvy produced some of the world’s most iconic marketing campaigns, including the legendary Man in the Hathaway Shirt, plus notable efforts for Rolls Royce, Schwepps, and the island of Puerto Rico, among many others. So it was no surprise when in 1962, Time called him “the most sought-after wizard in the advertising industry. He was truly the original “Mad Man.”

But not any more in Kenya, as the new giants with technological advancements in the industry have already emerged, with her executives in age brackets of just 20 and 23 years, Jaynaz Company Limited is the new Legendary and sought after wizard company in Nairobi and its environs.

Jaynaz Company Limited Logo
Jaynaz Company Limited Logo
What started as a learning experience for the two yet to graduate students has now turned out to be what drives their cars, buys their clothes, pays their rent, furnishes their bungalows and the most important part is that, IT PUTS ONLY ASORTED FOODS ON THEIR TABLE. Doesn’t that sound really nice for a third year student?.

Magazine Reel went on a fact-finding mission, to establish how they did it and how they’ve changed over time. We are sure that if not encouraged, this interview with Jaynaz Company Limited will give you the solution to a problem which has been itching you all day long.

Jaynaz Media Company does creative media advertising on commercial & institutional buses. Talk of screen advertising, bus branding, taxi/cab advertising, billboards, light boxes, seat back advertising and notice board advertising.

The company provides the solution to the problem of high cost of advertising charged by other media platforms such as television, radio and newspaper. Businesses that seriously need advertising are always not able to pay for media space to advertise their products and services due to the hiked prices. The two have made it possible for everybody in need of advertising with as little as shs 300 to secure media space with Jaynaz Company.

Jaynaz company uses their innovative, creative and result oriented media platforms to boost sales for businesses and bring in clients to access everybody’s premise.

When asked about What influenced their product/service creation, one of the founders Mr Julius said.

“We identified one killer opportunity which was the need to give small and upcoming business owners/entrepreneurs the opportunity to get their brands known by Kenyans and have same exposure of their products and services like the already established brand names using less cost on advertising”.

Moreover Julius had the quench of being financially independent and the starting of Jaynaz media was an answer to his dreams.

Below is how the interview progressed and sure enough, you must write them an email or give them a call after reading this!!!.

MR; Team members/partners/founders and their experiences

Jaynaz Company Limited
Mr. James (Left) and Mr. Julius (Right) Jaynaz Company Limited Co-founders
Jaynaz media company was founded by two young and entrepreneurial people, .Mr Julius Mutinda aged 20 years who is a CPA finalist and undertaking Bachelor of Commerce (finance option) at Strathmore University currently in 3rd year is one of the co-founders.

Mr James Maina aged 23 who is undertaking bachelor of economics at Technical university of Kenya Economics 4th yr and CPA part 3 (Strathmore) is the other co-founder. Both have experience in sales, marketing and advertising having worked as sales executives’ before.

Mr Julius says that he has gained a lot of business management skills from his course at Strathmore University and this has really boosted his performance in running Jaynaz . James has also been inspired by his brother Mr. Mutahi who runs an advertising company and he has been able to mentor him all through since Jaynaz was born.

MR; Duration of existence

Jaynaz Media Company has been in operations for about 1 year since it started its operations.

MR; Financial backing

“We started our operations will as little as shs 500 which we used as bus fare to go and sell our idea to clients”. James recalls. Many are the times we had to use our own money to keep the operations going.

Jaynaz media company is currently incubated at @ibiz Africa in Strathmore University where it team receives training and mentorship programs as well as financial support. Furthermore the two co-founders have been able to invest their own personal savings and as well as receive financial support from their families.

MR; Who have you partnered with to deliver our service?

We have partnered with bus Sacco’s such as City shuttle bus sacco and this has enabled us to successfully do bus branding and install transit screens which is one of our product lines. In addition we have partnered with the various marketing agencies to help us secure clients without much struggle.

MR; Target market

Our target is the small medium enterprises which comprise of small business owners, individual entrepreneurs, partnerships as well as big corporates.

MR; Market for our products

Jaynaz Company Limited
Jaynaz Company Limited Advertisement Notice Board
Our products have received a good market response because of their innovation, affordability and result oriented. So far we only have one main competitor.

MR; Revenue model

Advertising-fee paid by brands and companies to get in front of potential customers.

MR; Future strategy

See ourselves improve the product awareness of the many businesses in Kenya through having a wider client base.

Expand our operations into East Africa to advertise products of our multi-national manufactures across the various countries.

Also create more employment to young people. So far Jaynaz has provided employment to more than five students.

MR; Challenges

The biggest challenge we are facing is Market Access and penetration. Also us being both fulltime and evening students has limited our participation in the business but we have come up with ways to deliver fully to the business. In addition, we plan to embark fully in running the business once we are through with our studies.

MR; Advice to upcoming start ups

Jaynaz Company Limited
Jaynaz Company Limited Transit Screen
Take up one idea. Make that one idea your life, think of it, dream it, and live on that idea. Let the brain, muscles, nerves, every part of your body be full of that idea alone. This is the way to success. For Jaynaz they have been able to specialize in outdoor advertising and making this part of their life and so far the co-founders have achieved a lot in creative media advertising.

Website: Jaynaz company limited
Facebook: Jaynaz Co. Ltd
Twitter: @jaynazcoltd
You Tube: Jaynaz Media Company
Instagram: jaynazmediacompany




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