254 LIVE: Gabiro Collabo with Kidis on Smash Hit


Its no secret, Gabiro Mtu Necessary is one of Kenya’s Most sough rappers right now. He has smash hits like Low Key, Ujumbe and Chini Ya Maji. “The President” as many now call him is going in all presidential this year. If you are alive right now then by now you know that Gabiro is one of the few artists all over the globe with hit songs out already. January 9th 2019, he released, “Nitembezee”, featuring Kidis, a song that to some extent tells the rest of the world who the “president” has been listening to over the years. Well, we caught up with him for some more insight.

Koyo: What drew you to the music industry?
Gabiro:  Unlike others I cannot say talent drew me to the industry because I believe all I had at that time was a dream, it is that dream which drew me to the music industry.
Koyo: What is your creative process like?
Gabiro: It all started with a dream, a dream to be the best that ever lived on this planet and so I decided to get the best out of myself. Nobody gave it to me on a silver platter so I had to work for everything that I have to ensure my dream of being the most creative person came to live. I am still dreaming…
Koyo: What’s an average day like for you?
Gabiro: Waking up and doing work at my small farm in our home then if need be I would have a few hours in the studio to sum up the day since I get most of my daily bread from my farm and music is there for the love of the game.
Koyo: What is your favorite part about this line of work? Your least favorite? Why?
Gabiro: I would say being a farmer is also a calling because not so many people can even plant a single seed of vegetable and have it grow healthy and green so that is the most favorite part about this work; everything in it is very special. It also has very nasty sides that not everyone can live up to, like having to wake up before the sun goes up and water all the plants, pluck the weeds from the farm, feed animals and birds and even milk a cow sometimes. so it becomes more of an extreme sport LOL!
Koyo: Have you ever dealt with performance anxiety?
Gabiro: Anytime before I get on stage I always talk to God and ask Him to let His will be done. And it works best for me but maybe in the future I might forget to pray and be struck for the first time.
Koyo: Your new jam NITEMBEZEE with Kidis, why is it so special?
Gabiro: It is special indeed, a lot happened behind the scene before we could even release the lyric video itself from having to decide on which version of the song comes out since after mixing and mastering of the song the producers; Videz and Kingpheezle came up with 3 different versions of the song and that even delayed the release process.
Now when it came out, I got struck to see it perform even better than I expected.
Koyo: Working with KIDIS, how was the experience?
Gabiro: Kidis is a very extra-ordinary person with very immense talent that is unmatched to none in East Africa. It is a blessing to have a voice similar to Kidis since you will always stay comfortably in any place that they want you to sing. It is also a blessing to have him accept working with me.
Koyo: How can people get your music and any album plans?

Gabiro: All my music are available on digital platforms; YouTube, iTunes, BoomPlay Music and Mdundo. Nitembezee Video Link >> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j5gOVBdwzOE I still do not have any plans for an album but it is coming out LOL!

Koyo: Well,thank you and the best, the future is right here right now.
Gabiro: Karibu sana.
Well you heard from Gabiro, his new music is playing everywhere, get it.
Caleb koyo is an award wiinning radio/Tv Presenter and writer. Follow him on Instagram @anchorkoyo and @Magazine Reel.




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