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Hell’s gates are closing the heavens open up so wide and super-fast for the amazing hip hop artist. He sees the light at the end of the tunnel. The dark clouds are fading extremely fast and his eyes finally open at the heavens. It has always been just valid in dreams. It comes to reality and yet he is not even believing it. Always and forever this has been the dream of many musicians especially from Africa. Just like he had a sensation in Africa he now rocks the whole world. Davido is dreaming a lifetime concert. A tour like no other. A tour of his best of moments. The heavens have opened finally. He is set for his music tour of his career. It is not just a tour, it is a tour of The United Kingdom.

thDavido is set to tour The United Kingdom in a tour like no other this coming September. However much the artist is still in wait of the day, he has been seen posting pictures of himself in an airship heading to The United Kingdom already. This clearly shows how much the show means to him. For real all African musicians always have a dream to this once in a lifetime tour. Akon, one of the African American star has always remain an icon for African artists. He made it big in the states and Davido is certainly following his steps.
The Aye singer has of late produced several hits featuring very talented artists both in the South and West Africa. He has featured Mafikizolo who currently runs the South African music industry at the moment. His latest is “The sound” in which he features Uhuru and Dj. Buckz. Grab your copy.
He will begin his official tour of the united kingdom in September this year after the release of his second album that is scheduled to drop on June 8, 2015. The show will be a hit packaged by popular UK-based show promoters, Smade and it will see Davido perform in luxurious cities like Brighton, Birmingham, Manchester, London and even more and more cities.



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