254Celebrity+| Its Free Shisha, It’s a Dope Masquerade Ball Party At Egerton University


Masquerade ball party as the name escalates is a party like no other in Egerton University Njoro going down this Friday of 10th July. This is the only party where we got to drink, smoke some pot and yeah a little shisha. Free! I just mentioned it. Where else will you want to be if not in senior common room Egerton University all the way from 6.00 pm till late in the night, of course you will leave with yo heads down. Just saying.

If you planned for anything sishaless this weekend, you better rethink because all the roads are leading to this dope party if not then I am not going to lie to you, your swag is BROKEN.

This is the second edition of this highly classy and escalating value party after the last year’s party that all the same was a dope. Maintain of the degree of class and order if you will be going down to this party all you should be in, which is not negotiable by the way, is you have to be to be in your official apparel. Come in two’s, of course optional but advisable to avoid some few bottles flying in the air. They are nasty you know, not good to the environment.

This amazing show organized by Power Events in conjunction with many promoters, Magazine Reel just to mention few will have the ever sizzling hot DJ Nick from Signature in the building. Our very own DJ Major Jay who is also in for the battle of the best DJ category in Chaguo La Campo Award (CHACA) will also be doing his magic this coming Friday. Mc Allano won’t be left out as he will be one of the MCs in the house not forgetting the fact that he is doing pretty well in the CHACA campaign to be the best MC of the year. You ask me, I give him a free ticket.

Tickets go for only 100ksh. This party will also be attended by Petro himself. One of the most prolific Magazine Reel writer and film writer, an actor and a director in the film industry. Of course you expected that, will also be in the building. Do not try to even think of missing out in this party. I will be there to put it in writing as I always do. See you there homey.



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