254Celebrity+| Nudity Scandal Threatens Miss Zimbabwe ‘s Dismissal


Miss world Zimbabwe 2015, Emily Kachote , is on trial. She could lose her crown over the photo allegations if it is confirmed true. Though not confirmed that it is true she leaked her very own nude pictures to attract more attention she faces trial over these allegations if it is proven to be true. The photos supposedly showing the newly crowned gorgeous queen drunk and naked surfaced on social media over the weekend. Her ex-boyfriend claimed that he took the photo as declared by some trusted source from one of the most trendy newspaper Chronicles in Bulawayo.
rrrEmily defends herself by saying she has never posed for a nude in any way. These were photos leaked by her ex-boyfriend who seemingly is bitter about her win. She claims that she has never talked with the boy for the past one year and there is nothing between the two. She stresses that she has nothing to do with the boy and if he is up to something he should come out and put it very clear of his intensions. Emily says that however much he dumped the dude, the dude has been so bitter. She says those photos were hers yes but that was then and my past can never be used to judge my present.

rrrrThe Miss Zimbabwe Trust has put it clear that when they had an interview with the princess she denied the allegations and said she has never posed for a nude ever. Though they made it clear that the investigations are ongoing if by any chance she is confirmed guilty they will have no option but to dethrone her and replace her with the first princess Anne-Grace.
Kachote, a 25 year old financial adviser, had little to say in an interview with the Herald Newspaper. She claimed she had no clue of what was happening at the moment. Clearly this is not the first time a Miss Zimbabwe is accused of nudity. Last year’s winning contestant, ThabisoPhiri, too resigned amid allegations of leaked nude pictures even though the claims were never proven. The Miss Zimbabwe Trust claims she was never dethrone, she resigned. Emily is the pageant princess, she has to hold the position for as long as investigations are ongoing.



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