254Celebrity+| Willy Paul Does it again. Crazy!!!


Willy Paul a well-known controversial gospel artist once sneaked into our sitting rooms as a joke only to notice he was a gospel artist. That is if you care to listen to the part “Gospel Artist”. He is one of the most trendy gospel artist, award winning artist and still a performing and recording artist so far. He came into fame in Kenya which now seem to be eternal fame when he did his first hit featuring Gloria Muliro. The Sitolia hit also which never sat well on the ownership of the piece of the record made these two artists split made Willy the King of Gospel Bongo in Kenya. He actually deserved it.

There has been a lot of controversies about this young ever blazing gospel artist. He at one point in time was accused of a sex saga with Pendo a radio presenter. To add salt to injury, in his private car, as a gospel artist and a role model to the upcoming gospel crooner, he is expected to give guidance which has never been the case. Never! Maybe in your dreams. All he listens to are riddims and he is so proud to keep the windows down and music up as he traverse the Kayole streets to Jumbo studio. I mean, what is that supposed to mean? Does it ring a bell?
downloadNow, this guy does it again. Even after singer Bahati accused him for stealing his song, Mapenzi, he has gone ahead and released the audio to the song and now he is dropping the video. Bahati accuses Willy of stealing the song with the same title and lyrics. To make it worse the same producer, Teddy B.

Who does that? Who copy pastes the other’s work with no permission? And when Bahati complains Willy puts it clear to him that “I said it, And I did it”. It hurts but then Bahati has no choice. Mwenye Nguvu Mpishe.

Willy, this is a free advice. Take it from me. Stop being a zombie. I’m sorry for saying that but actually that is exactly what you are. Who copies even his fellow’s name in an exam paper? Only Willy Paul does that. The video is great though I rate you at 2/10. Excellent! Copied work. See me in my office.




  1. i once saw dat man while in high skool and truly he look like a copy paster…2/10 ni mingi…1/2 is enough 4 him..its a shame on his side

  2. willy if your consciense is clean,do wat u does best,,haters will always be there n if the allegations r true,repent

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