Students Seek to Stop 29th Egerton University Graduation


Over 30 Egerton Students will this Monday seek a lawyer’s advise on their quest to stop the 29th Egerton Graduation until their names are included in the graduation list. The students, led by Gachie Gatuma claim they have been left out of the 29th Egerton University Graduation list unjustifiably.

According to Mr Gachie, most of the 320 aggrieved students had satisfied the requirements needed for one to graduate. “The problem came up when some in service students were charged for an extra year, or some HELB Bursaries failed to reflect on the Students’ Finance computers,” He said, adding that “In my case, my 2011/2012 HELB bursary has not been reflecting and despite my efforts of pushing the finance department to correct the error, they hadn’t done so until Monday this week. This is because, whenever you take the disbursement form to them, they CLEAR you and tell you they will input it into their system which they never do.”

Gachie further claims that as at 22nd November, his name was on the graduation list and he was already preparing to graduate come 20th December 2013. He, like many others was shocked on 6th December 2013 when he was told that his name had been removed from the graduation list ‘due to fee arrears’. They traveled to the University on the following Monday and went to the finance department from where they were told that they had no fee arrears.

Their nightmare intensified when they approached the Registrar Academic Affairs with a request to be included in the graduation list. “We were unfortunately told that the University Council had sealed the list and therefore the list was closed until the 30th graduation scheduled for May next year,” a dejected Gachie said.

Close to 36 students who went to see the Vice Chancellor the following day were, however, included in the graduation list. The rest of the students upon hearing that their colleagues had been added to the graduation list went back to plead with the Deputy Vice Chancellor Academic Affairs on Wednesday to no avail. The Vice Chancellor was unavailable to talk to the students and his Deputy in charge of Academic Affairs ordered the students to pick completion letters from the Registrar Academic affairs.

According to Mr Gatuma, completion letters cannot be used for enrollment for a Masters program and some employers do not accept them.

“The more than 30 students decided to go to court and one of the students linked us to an advocate by the name Moreen who said she can be seen on Monday since the remainder of the week was full with holidays” He said. Other students who were not present at the time the more than 30 were pleading with the DVC are willing to join the petition according to Gachie.

“Our petition aims at stopping the 20th December graduation because qualified students have been left out and a graduation that goes against the University’s core values of social fairness, professionalism, devotion to duty, passion for excellence, devotion to duty and accountability should not take place. We will further seek for the revision of the graduation list before the 29th Graduation Ceremony takes place.” He concludes.




  1. Yes, the graduation must be stopped. I am in the same class with Gachie, and, although I am in the list, I find it so unfair that my friends wont be going home with me on 20th dec. So for the whole process to be fair, let the courts stop this damned graduation until everyone who is supposed to be in the list gets included.

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