3 Reasons Why One Can Never Survive Without a Donkey in Nakuru County


In Nakuru County, having a donkey will earn you equal respect as someone with a brand new Subaru Outback. In this county, a donkey literally does everything! When people think of migrating to another house, they only need a single donkey to pull a cart for a single trip. Imagine a single donkey pulling your two 6 by 6 beds, 3 sofa sets, 3 tables, your 6 obese children and everything else in your house. In short, you know the contents of a well-furnished 2 bedroom house-not forgetting the third room has a gym. All these are being pulled by a single donkey, a single trip, moving you to a house 3kms away.

In this region, showing mercy to a donkey is as crazy as logging in to YouTube to find someone advertising an alcohol brand just before a hymnal song. Whenever someone pics a black 2 metre-long whip he thinks he is having a full fuel tank for his donkey. With this, you will see a donkey overtake a Mercedes Benz at 162km/hr! For this man, animal rights ni wewe!

Despite the abundance of water in this region, donkeys here are convinced that they live in a desert. A donkey may take three days before drinking water, when it has been pulling 1000 litres of water for the three days. And when it comes to meals, this humble animal has to makes its own arrangements to meet the requirements.

Meet someone in a pub, drinking money got from the hard work of the donkey, they also say ‘am drinking my money’! If girls can believe him, is he not correct?

Yester night, one of these donkey drivers came to our estate to occupy a house adjacent to mine. As a result, I am posting this from my landlord’s house as we negotiate about how he will pay me back my rental and electric deposits so that I move to another estate. A donkey driver cannot be my neighbor. What cant these people not do? Can’t they stab you when you argue?



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